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to the ever-changing climate of worship, including areas of worship band leadership, arranging, training in sound systems

and multimedia, and service design. A major component, the area of leadership and organization, enables students to

have good interpersonal relationships with staff and provides hands-on experience with an internship in a local church.

In addition, the school offers a minor in music, which provides grounding in the basics of music and worship, along

with individual training and ensemble performance opportunities. Music is so much a part of church life that the music

minor is highly recommended to all who are involved in the church in any capacity. It also provides a well-rounded

education for any major.


The school provides an acoustically mastered recital hall that is flexible for rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions,

in addition to 15 Wenger sound-proof practice rooms, including some V-rooms with built-in emulation of larger

environments. Students have access to 33 pianos (18 grands including one upright, one seven-foot, and one nine-foot

Steinway concert grand), two organs (an Allen digital organ, 705 series two-manual with 32 pedals, the equivalent of 55

ranks; and a Rogers organ model 755), and two harpsichords (a Peter Tkach double-manual and a Zuckermann single-


Computer Lab

The Master’s University music facilities include a computer lab that features Macintosh/Roland music work stations,

each complemented with the most recent music notation and sequencing software programs. The Master’s University

music student has access to the latest in computer generated composition, digital sequencer recording, and educational

technology. The School of Music offers courses in conjunction with the music technology lab that focus on equipping

students with the abilities and experience to utilize the technologies available to the music profession.

Sound Studio

The state-of-the-art recording facility is integrated into the recital hall. This all-digital room is anchored by a 32-fader

ICON D-Control work surface and features an industry standard Avid Pro Tools HDX2 system with a variety of plug-

ins and outboard processing. The studio is used for classes as well as school ensemble projects, giving audio technology

students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in a real-world studio recording context.


A major in music provides the discipline and whole-brain learning that prepare the conscientious graduate for success

in nearly any field. The school strives to acquaint music majors with musical careers by inviting individuals from diverse

sectors of the music field to share their experience with students and show what is available. A music degree opens

many possibilities, such as the following:

Music recording, editing, production, and


Sound mixing

Post production




Elementary & secondary


College & university


Private studio

Worship music ministries personnel


Music and recording industries specialist

Music software developer

Community arts manager

Performing arts administrator



Financial officer in music or theater

Music librarian

Music therapist



The Master’s University School of Music presents choral and instrumental concerts, recitals, and theater productions

each semester. At Christmas and during Passion Week, all music students and many non-majors come together to

produce major oratorios with choir and orchestra. The “Come ChristmasSing” concert series also features all the