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B.M. in Music Education

equips the student with the necessary skills, understanding, and methodologies to teach

vocal, instrumental, and general music in the K-12 grade school system. For information about obtaining a California

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music, see the Teaching Credential Programs section in this catalog.

For questions or more information, contact the Credential Analyst in the School of Education.

B.M. in Performance

prepares students for a career in performance, teaching, or advanced study in piano, voice, or

an instrument. The program includes a breadth and depth of music studies to ensure a thorough foundation.

B.M. in Piano Performance with Emphasis in Pedagogy

allows piano majors who plan to teach the opportunity to

focus on pedagogy through coursework and practical experience.

B.M. in Traditional Worship

prepares students to reach the body of worshipers in evangelical churches with a

traditional worship style. It equips them with a foundation of theology and a variety of skills in music, including areas

of conducting, arranging, and building choirs and orchestras of all ages. A major component, the area of leadership and

organization, enables students to have good interpersonal relationships with staff and provides hands-on experience

with an internship in a local church. Students are prepared for more specialized graduate study in music or Christian


The Bachelor of Arts Degree

This degree is for students with a musical background who desire to achieve a solid education in music along with a

significant amount of study in other areas. Performance requirements may be satisfied by a recital or a project.

B.A. in Music

serves students who choose music as the focus of a broader liberal arts education. The program offers

flexibility in focus and course content. The wide range of learning coupled with the discipline of music engenders open

doors in numerous music-related and non-music fields.

B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Biblical Studies

provides a foundation in both music and selected areas of biblical

studies, such as counseling, Bible exposition, missions, languages, education, and more. It serves as a valuable precursor

to seminary or graduate study in music, as well as preparing entry-level music pastors and assistant pastors.

B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Business

empowers students in entrepreneurship and business knowledge for

employment in many areas, from running a small music studio to working in churches to a variety of roles in the music


B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Communication

provides well-rounded skills in both areas to prepare students for

graduate school or for entry-level positions in a wide range of vocations. Examples include public relations, the

recording industry, sound engineering, church music ministry, musical theater, music editing, music publishing, and


B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Audio Technology

is designed to prepare students to work with the latest audio

technology in numerous arenas in the media industry and in churches. Students may achieve AVID Certification.

Combined with the students’ study in music, the program becomes a unique preparation to better suit them for music

recording and production.

B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Student Ministries

targets those preparing for a combined ministry in a smaller

church requiring a broad grounding in music along with the ability to relate to youth and lead a youth program. It

provides a background for graduate school or seminary, with the expectation that those continuing in such a vocation

would seek additional training in one of the two disciplines. The internship provides hands-on experience along with

valuable networking.

B.A. in Music with Emphasis in Modern Worship

prepares students to reach the whole body of worshipers in

evangelical churches. It equips them with a foundation of theology and a variety of skills in music that will be applicable