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HU312 Disciplinary Connections (3)

A study of conceptual foundations of seven major areas of study: reading, language and literature, history and social

science, mathematics, science, visual and performing arts, physical education, and human development. Students will

examine the connections between disciplines. This is a required three-unit course in the 12-unit concentration for Liberal

Studies-Teacher Education majors.

Course Offerings in Social Sciences


BE101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

General introduction to the basic concepts of psychology, with emphasis given to the various theories of psychology

along with a thorough biblical analysis and critique.

BE301 Child & Adolescent Development (3)

Analysis of physiological, cognitive, spiritual, and personality development from birth through childhood. There will

also be a discussion of parenting issues and a critique of the self-esteem movement. A biblical assessment of

anthropology is presented.


SS381 Cultural Geography (3)

An examination of human geography, including worldwide patterns and developments concerning demographics,

race, language, religion, industrialization, urbanization, and ecology. Locations of all the world’s nations will be learned

during studies of regional geography.