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Course Offerings in Humanities


ART330 Art Components & Techniques (3)

Students will learn to teach visual art in the classroom using the elements of art and a variety of media, along with ideas

on integrating the arts into other academic curriculum. Participants will be instructed in DBAE (Discipline-Based Art

Education), which includes the history of famous artists, viewing artwork critically, and finding the aesthetic value in

art. At the end of the course, students will have a compilation of art ideas, history on various artists, and a portfolio of

their own art productions.

ART338 Art History of the Western World (3)

Built on the foundation of 14 three-hour-long art slide programs ranging from Neolithic stonework and cave painting

to ancient Greek sculpture to the Middle Ages to the masterpieces of the Renaissance to twentieth-century art, the

course surveys the major periods, media, and styles. Strong emphasis on the Italian Renaissance and somewhat greater

emphasis on painting than on architecture and sculpture. Format is viewing, discussion, and writing, with a

comprehensive final and several short papers. A major goal is to establish a historical and cultural “canon” in Western

art history as seen from a theological aesthetic.



ITA102 Introduction to Italian Culture (1)

As a prerequisite to The Master’s University in Italy program, this one-unit course provides knowledge of contemporary

Italian culture, some conversational Italian, and an orientation to international travel.

ITA123, 124 Beginning Italian I, II (3, 3)

Designed to introduce the beginning student to the Italian language. The curriculum will emphasize conversation, the

fundamentals of grammar, and pronunciation. The year course fulfills the (pre-2015) general education requirement for

cross-cultural studies.


SP221, 222 Introductory Spanish I, II (4, 4)

Designed to introduce the beginning student to the Spanish language. The curriculum will include the fundamentals of

grammar, pronunciation, and conversation. The year course fulfills the (pre-2015) general education requirement for

cross-cultural studies.

SP318a, 318b Intermediate Spanish I, II (3, 3)

Designed to increase the student’s proficiency in conversational skills with the goal of developing speaking capability in

the language.

SP319a, 319b Advanced Spanish I, II (3, 3)

Individual instruction at the advanced level of language development.


P212 Introduction to Logic (3)

The principles and techniques of correct thinking, including the scientific method of deriving truth by induction from

observation as well as by deduction from given premises. The aim is to discipline the student in soundness of reasoning,

sifting of evidence, and recognition of superficialities and fallacies in the thinking of others.

P311 Essentials of Philosophy (3)

A survey of the field of philosophy: its vocabulary, aims, and purposes; the great systems of speculative thought; and

the leading thinkers.