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POL473 American Political Thought I (3)

A study of important American political ideas from the Puritans through the Founding period.

POL474 American Political Thought II (3)

A study of important American political ideas from the Jeffersonian era to the present.


POL423 The Judicial Process (3)

An examination of the dynamics of the national judicial system, with emphasis on the Supreme Court as a working

institution, the politics of selecting judges, external influences on the courts, internal procedures of decision-making,

and relations with other political institutions.

POL424 Law & Public Policy (3)

An examination of American political culture and its dynamics through selected current issues in law with an emphasis

on their effect on policy formation and implementation.

POL435 Introduction to Constitutional Law (3)

General principles of federal and state constitutional law, powers of the national government, and federal-state relations.

A study of the leading decisions of the United States Supreme Court.

POL445 The Church as a Legal Institution (3)

A survey of statutory and case law related to the institution of the church, its members, and leaders. Includes church

discipline and the law, church finances and the law, the first amendment and the church, and more.

POL446 The Supreme Court & the Bill of Rights (3)

An in-depth study of the evolution of the Bill of Rights and its effect upon individual rights and federal and state law


POL488 Directed Study in Politics (1-3)

Intensive study of a selected area under direction of a political studies faculty member.

Prerequisite: permission of the