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*Advancement to the Spring Semester (Student Teaching)

requires formal application, CPR certification, passing scores

on any assigned TPAs, B- or better in all Fieldwork Semester

courses, and recommendation of faculty.

Clinical Practice Placements

Concurrently with coursework, candidates in the credential

programs must satisfactorily complete clinical practice

(sometimes called Fieldwork and Student Teaching) in an

assigned public school classroom. Since certain state

requirements must be met, all placements must be arranged by

TMU. Official contacts for placements are made by the

Credential Analyst.

Fall Semester Placements

. Multiple subject candidates have

one 7-week placement in a primary grade classroom (usually K-

2) and one 7-week placement in an upper grade classroom

(usually 4-6). Required placement hours are Monday –

Thursday, 8 a.m. – noon.

Single subject candidates have one 7-week placement in a junior

high and one 7-week placement in a high school. Placement

hours vary by school site; the candidate is responsible for

coordinating a schedule the equivalent of three periods, four

days per week. The goal is to “adopt” three classes and follow

their schedule, rather than have a random schedule that is more

“hit and miss.”

Spring Semester Placements.

The goal is to return candidates

to the same master teachers as the Fall semester for full-day,

Monday-Friday placements. Multiple subject candidates have

one 8-week placement in a primary grade (usually K-2) and one

8-week placement in an upper grade (usually 4-6). Single subject

candidates have one 8-week placement in a junior high school

and one 8-week placement in a high school.


To be formally recommended for a California Preliminary Teaching Credential by The Master’s University, candidates



Pass the


(multiple subject candidates only)


Pass all assigned tasks of the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)


Complete all of TMU

credential program

courses with grade of B- or better


Successfully complete (pass)

student teaching

(grade of “Pass” in ED580/590)


Become certified in infant, child, and adult



Ensure TMU has received:

All evaluation forms

from all master teachers and university supervisors

Official transcripts

from all colleges/universities attended



all financial obligations

to the University before applying for the credential (zero account balance)



Candidate Transition Plan

, including exit interview


Submit a “

Request for Recommendation

” (correctly filled out by candidate)

If a candidate’s TPA task must be re-scored for any reason, the candidate must pay any additional assessor fees at the

time of resubmission.

All candidates who complete their teacher preparation in California must be formally recommended for the credential

by the college or university where the program was completed. California has a two-tier credential structure. A five-year

preliminary credential is the first credential issued, and then candidates must obtain a clear credential.

Course Offerings in the Credential Programs

Prerequisite for all courses: admission to the Credential Program.

ED500 Practicum (3)

A professional education course that requires classroom experience in all content areas of the public school curriculum.

Weekly seminars address teaching strategies and unit planning. Training for CalTPA tasks and the completion of

“Subject Specific Pedagogy” and “Designing Instruction” are part of the course. (Course fee: $140).

Corequisites: must be

taken concurrently with all Fall Semester courses.

ED510 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School (3)

A professional education course designed to enable prospective teachers to develop an initial theory of integrated

reading and language arts. Emphasis is placed on principles, strategies, and materials compatible with children’s