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Course Offerings in Teacher Education

ED101 Introduction to Teaching and Learning (3)

Introduction to Teaching and Learning links the content of university coursework in the Liberal Studies/Teacher

Education major to teaching competencies.

ED202 Curriculum Instruction & Learning Theory (3)

This course is to familiarize students with the characteristics of K to 9th grade students, along with background on child

development from ages four to fourteen. Students will learn Culturally Responsive Teaching for the diverse populations

in today's classrooms.

ED301 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in Teaching (3)

This course links the content of university coursework in the student’s major to teaching competencies. It introduces

students to cultural and linguistic factors that must influence decisions about teaching and classroom management.

Included are ten (10) hours of structured observation in a diverse K-12 classroom.

ED332 Exploring Disabilities & Special Needs Through Literature (3)

Students in this course will examine current education issues regarding special education and students with intellectual,

emotional, academic, or physical disabilities through reading and responding to literature. The required text will

introduce strategies currently used in today’s classroom that help teachers increase student comprehension and critical

thinking. Students in the course will read and evaluate novels using literary standards and the characteristics of the

disability. Specific issues relevant to the field will be examined in class sessions, including the ability to build empathy

for children with disabilities, working with special education students in a regular classroom, differentiating instruction

and curriculum to meet students’ unique needs, and strategies to help build empathy among students.

ED400 Foundations of Education (3)

A course designed to introduce students to processes in today’s elementary and secondary classrooms. Includes the

study of underlying philosophical bases; an introduction to the California State Teaching Performance Expectations;

and learning about students, establishing academic learning goals, planning instruction, designing instructional strategies,

assessing student learning, and maintaining an effective learning environment. Requires eight (8) hours of observation

and participation in the classroom. Seniors Only.

ED402 LS Capstone Seminar (3)

The seminar assists the student in integrating the content and skills learned in the various major courses and integrating

a biblical world view into the disciplines. The student is prepared for the summative capstone assessments required for


ED410 Technology Uses in Education (3)

An in-depth, hands-on study of how current technologies are used in the elementary and secondary school classroom.

Topics discussed include Computer Assisted Testing, Computer Managed Instruction, website management, and

communication with various technologies. (Course fee $20.)