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C481 Argumentation & Debate (3)

Theories of argumentation including the analysis of propositions, issues, evidence, and reasoning. Training and

experience in debate forms.

C482 The Graphic Novel (3)

This course explores the history and impact of the graphic novel, both as a form of entertainment and social/cultural

commentary. Additionally, the course will explore the process of creating a graphic novel and of visual storytelling.

Students will participate in the creation of a graphic novel concept.

Prerequisite: C351.

C484 Organizational Communication (3)

Communicative behavior in organizations. Attention will be given to change, conflict reduction, decision making,

leadership, and networks as communication variables.

C488 Rhetoric of Religion (3)

Religious advocacy and persuasion. Topics include the strategic use of language and symbolism in religious discourse,

forms of religious persuasion, conversion argument and the psychology of the audience, and discussions of the problem

of evil.

C498 Communication Theories (3)

A survey of the basic theories associated with human communication. Provides students with a practical understanding

of how the major variables of communication systems interact and how information is processed by individuals.