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C383 Family Communication (3)

A survey of communication that occurs within the family, with emphasis on rules, change, development, power, stress,

and decision making. Attention will be given to how families seek satisfaction through communication.

C384 Nonverbal Communication (3)

Examination of the influence of environmental factors, physical behavior, and vocal cues on human communication.

C388 Communication & Social Movements (3)

Social and political movements as rhetorical phenomena. Ideology and influence of recent movements will be analyzed.

C391 Intercultural Communication (3)

Analysis of theories and techniques of the process of communication between persons of different cultures or


C392 Advanced Public Relations (3)

Advanced theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence

public opinion and behavior.

Requirements: Off campus internship of 10 hours a week. Prerequisite: C381.

C394 Introduction to Computer Visual Effects (3)

Introduces students to basic concepts for producing visual effects using computers. HDRI, rotoscoping, green screen

compositing, and explosions are a few methods demonstrated during the class. These effects apply to film, video,

animation, graphics, and photography.

Prerequisite: junior or senior status.

C401 Directing (3)

Concentration on the principles and aptitudes of planning and picturization of script material, culminating in the

production and editing of various projects.

Prerequisite: C312.

C402 Film Production (3)

CAPSTONE CLASS (CINEMA & DIGITAL ARTS). An advanced course in production. Students will have the

opportunity to create and produce a short film with a professional film crew.

Prerequisite: C401.

C404 Graphic Design II (3)

This class builds upon the previous classroom experience from Graphic Design I and covers new concepts for

infographics, advertising, electronic publications, production of books, graphic novels, magazines, and newspapers.

Prerequisite: C373.

C412 Advanced Photography (3)

An advanced course in photographic techniques using professional lighting and studio tricks. Students will learn how

to manipulate light and shadow to create contrast, form, and interest in portraits, product shots, and landscape


Prerequisite: C480 or instructor approval.

C430A, B Honors Internship (1-6)

Students find placement in communication-related departments or firms (film studios, television stations, radio stations,

newspapers, advertising companies, public relations firms, etc.). Fifteen hours per week for 3 units. A comprehensive

final report completes coursework.

Prerequisites: Senior standing, B average or higher in communication courses, and permission from

an instructor.

C432 Sports Journalism (3)

Students will learn the unique and specific nature of sports journalism—first in the written form, and then also in other

forms, including TV broadcast and radio. Students will be exposed to various sports journalism practices, including

writing game stories and features, conducting on-camera interviews, and taking pictures.

Prerequisite: C344 or instructor