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C291 Video Journalism (3)

An introduction to the arena of broadcast journalism. Students will learn the elements of conducting interviews in front

of the camera, gathering attending footage, and putting those pieces together to create compelling pieces of broadcast

journalism. Students will produce finished pieces to be viewed and critiqued by peers and the instructor.


C311 or C344.

C303 The Documentary (3)

This course will expose students to the historical and theoretical elements that compose documentary filmmaking—

journalism, research, development, filming, and editing. The course will examine the cultural, legal, and ethical

parameters that are crucial to the production, while exploring the major themes often present within documentaries.

Students will create documentary projects throughout the class.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

C311 Video Production I (3)

Introduction to the video technical language and creative and aesthetic elements of the production process. Student will

gain understanding of lighting, sound, camera operation, composition, and design of visual elements.

Cinema & Digital

Arts majors: take during or before fall of sophomore year.

C312 Video Production II (3)

A continuation of the subjects of Video Production I.

Prerequisite: C311.

C321 Screenwriting I (3)

An introduction to the styles, techniques, content, and forms of screenwriting. Student work is considered for the

department annual short film production.

C328 Screenwriting II (3)

Students build on the principles learned in C321. Students will complete a developed screenplay (short).

Prerequisite C321.

C331 Freelancing: Entrepreneurship in a Digital World (3)

This course will examine the entrepreneurial power shift in the world of business and what it means for media

practitioners, entrepreneurs, and technologists. The disruptive nature of the Internet, open source technologies, and

lower barriers-to-entry have prompted a shift in the power from large media companies toward smaller organizations

and individuals.

Requirement: junior or senior standing.

C336 Political Communication (3)

A study of the various media and their impact on politics. Particular emphasis on television, political cartoons, and


Same as POL336.

C341 Magazine Writing (3)

This course explores the method and artistry of the literary feature. Students will examine the form with an eye toward

technique and delivery (finding and framing the story, structure, tone, point of view, writing style, etc.). Students will

write several features for possible publication.

Prerequisite: C344.

C344 Article Writing (3)

Students are introduced to the basics of professional journalism, writing features, Q&A articles, and news articles on

deadline as part of an actual campus publication. Assignments include covering a beat, story selection, subject interviews,

fact checking, writing, revising, and editing. Students are also introduced to Associated Press style.

C351 Creative Writing (3)

Students will study the extended short story form (novella), including plot, characterization, and dialogue. The course

will include regular writing for peer review, offering ample time for revision and completion of a polished extended

short story (novella).