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C138 Photo Journalism (3)

Visual storytelling through making, selecting, processing, and disseminating photographic images. Technical, artistic,

and professional topics are covered, including composition, lighting, portraiture, photo essays, and reproducing and

publishing images, as well as legal and ethical issues.

C142 Photoshop I (3)

The course teaches the fundamentals of computer graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Students learn to edit photographs,

generate digital painting, color correct images, and design layouts for web development. Used as the primary application

in the graphics, web, and film industry, Photoshop has become the program that all up-and-coming digital artists and

photographers need to learn.

C181 Introduction to Cinematography (3)

The world of cinematography is a constant battle between the technical and the artistic. This course is designed to

approach both by studying cameras, lenses, lighting and color, and camera movement. This course will cover both the

theory and practical application of cinematography.

C191 Pocket Studio (3)

In a day and age when on-the-street experiences are documented and shared worldwide, this class will explore the

newest go-to tool: the phone in your pocket. Students will create ready-to-be-viewed short video productions using

minimalist technology. Through the process, students will focus on elements such as story structure, camera angle,

lighting, editing, and sound. Finished productions will be viewed and critiqued by peers and the instructor.

C202 Film History (3)

A study of film from its early conceptual stages to its familiar modern format. Also included will be film’s influence on

society and the biblical response.

C211 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)

Study of the communicative function of the mass media and the impact of films, radio, television, newspapers,

magazines, and books on society.

C231 Digital Video Editing I (3)

Students will learn the fundamentals of a non-linear Avid editing system. They will learn the technical aspects required

by the film and television industry, the basics of assistant editing, workflows, and an introduction to editing.

C232 Digital Video Editing II (3)

Students will discuss the theory of editing. They will learn the elements that give a cut emotion and the properties that

direct the viewers’ attention. Above all, students will be challenged to find and create story from the footage. Students

enrolled in this course will edit the department’s annual short film production.

Prerequisite: C231.

C234 Travel Writing (3) (Directed Study only)

Techniques for crafting publishable articles on travel writing, a genre that is featured both in magazines and in every

major U.S. newspaper.

C254 Journal & Autobiographical Writing (3)

An exploration of journal keeping and autobiographical writing. Students will read and write various types of personal

essays and memoirs and share them in small group settings.

C284 Group Dynamics (3)

The process of group communication including verbal and nonverbal messages, leadership, rules and roles,

cohesiveness, conflict reduction, and problem solving.