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BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)

A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God (Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels— including Satan

and demons—(Angelology), Christ (Christology), and the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology).

BTH322 Christian Theology II (3)

A survey of Christian theology in the areas of humanity (Anthropology), sin (Hamartiology), salvation (Soteriology), the

church (Ecclesiology), and last things (Eschatology).

BTH327 New Testament Theology (3)

An introduction to the theory, method, and content of New Testament theology. Various approaches to New

Testament theology will be critically appraised. Special attention will be given to how the Old Testament and its

interpretation within second temple Judaism formed the ideological background for New Testament theology. The

content of New Testament theology will be discussed with particular focus on the theologies of Matthew, Luke, Paul,

and John.

BTH328 Old Testament Theology (3)

A study of the distinctive viewpoints of each period of Old Testament history with respect to the major points of

theology. It will be accomplished by means of exegesis and collation of passages independently of any philosophic


BTH337 Theology of God (3)

An in-depth study of the doctrine of God, including His existence, names, attributes, and the Trinity.

BTH347 Theology of Angels (2)

An in-depth study of the doctrine of angels, their origin, fall, present ministry, and their future.

BTH348 Theology of Man & Sin (3)

An in-depth study of the creation, characteristics, and composition of human nature, the origin and nature of sin, and

contemporary issues in theological anthropology and hamartiology.

BTH357 Theology of Christ (3)

An in-depth study of the doctrine of Christ, including His birth, death, resurrection, deity, and kenosis.

BTH358 Theology of Salvation (3)

An in-depth analysis of the doctrine of salvation, including the atonement, election, regeneration, justification,

sanctification, and perseverance.

BTH367 Theology of the Scriptures (3)

An in-depth study of the doctrines of the Bible, including such issues as revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, preservation,

canonicity, and translations/versions.

BTH368 Theology of the Church (3)

An in-depth study of the origin, nature, purpose, ordinances, and government of the church, with particular attention

given to the various conceptions of the church in the history of theology. Key contemporary issues in ecclesiology will

be examined with the intent of gaining biblically sound conclusions.

BTH373, 374 Historical Theology I, II (3, 3)

A study of the historical development of Christian theology throughout the ages by tracing the origin, development,

and growth of the doctrines of the church.