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Each major and/or emphasis is overseen by one or more of the Bible faculty, as listed in parentheses below:

Bible General

(Abner Chou, Todd Bolen)

The Bible General emphasis is specifically designed for those students who want to major in Biblical Studies but are not

certain about a specific emphasis or would like to take several courses in a number of emphases in order to be more

well-rounded generally. While not specifically designed for graduate school, taking certain courses within this emphasis

will certainly be helpful in graduate school or seminary.

Bible Exposition

(Dennis Hutchison, Daniel Wong)

The Bible Exposition emphasis is a study of the Word of God more specifically and is designed for those who desire

to serve in Christian ministry or for those who plan to go on for graduate work or seminary.

Biblical Counseling

(Ernest Baker)

This emphasis consists of a study of the principles and aspects of biblical counseling and is designed to prepare God’s

people to meet counseling-related needs wherever they exist with the sufficient and superior resources God provides.

The course of study trains students to counsel people in the local church. It emphasizes the proper interpretation and

specific application of Scripture in ministering to people.

Biblical Languages

(Will Varner)

The Biblical Languages emphasis consists of three years of Biblical Greek and one year of Hebrew and is designed

primarily for those desiring graduate work, either in seminary or in languages and Bible translation.

Christian Education

(Greg Behle)

The Christian Education emphasis examines the concepts of Christian education, including youth. It is designed for

those students who desire to enter the educational program of the local church, primary school, junior high, high school,

or college. It is also valuable for that student interested in the mission field, Christian school, or the teaching ministry.

Global Studies

(Lisa La George)

This emphasis focuses on understanding cross-cultural ministry and is specifically designed for those who desire to

serve in a full-time cross-cultural capacity. Students will be required to study language, church planting, cultural

anthropology, and missionary life while living on the mission field for one summer. The student will also serve in an

ethnic church similar to the culture in which they desire to minister.

Student Ministries

(Tom Halstead)

The Student Ministries emphasis is designed to help train students to effectively minister in all student ministries, from

higher elementary school to college. The focus will be on teaching students theological, organizational, and counseling

skills as it pertains to students and families. Students in this emphasis will also be prepared for seminary if that is their

desire. It is open to both men and women.


(Brian Morley)

The Theology emphasis is a comprehensive study of theology in which students will not only focus their attention on

systematic theology, but also be able to better understand Christianity in relation to other worldviews, religions, and

philosophies. It is designed for those students who desire to further their education in seminary and eventually serve in

a pastoral or teaching capacity.


All Biblical Studies majors are required to earn a 2.0 GPA or better in every course in the Biblical Studies major except

in Elementary Greek or Hebrew. A student who earns below a 2.0 must repeat the course until a grade of 2.0 or above

is earned.