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AFROTC offers a variety of two-, three- and four-year scholarships, some of which pay the full cost of tuition, books,

and fees. Successful completion of as little as four semesters of AFROTC academic classes and leadership laboratories

can lead to a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Classes consist of one hour of academics

and two hours of laboratory for freshman and sophomores, and three hours of academics and two hours of laboratory

for juniors and seniors. AFROTC cadets under scholarship and all juniors and seniors receive a monthly tax-free stipend

and a textbook allowance. No military commitment is incurred until entering the last two years of the program

(Professional Officer Course) or accepting an AFROTC scholarship. Aerospace Studies classes and Leadership

Laboratories are conducted at various times during the week on the campuses of LMU, USC, and UCLA. For more

information, contact the Department of Aerospace Studies (AFROTC) at one of the following universities: LMU at

(310)338-2770, USC at (213)740-2670, or UCLA at (310)825-1742.


AROTC is a program that enables students to become officers in the U.S. Army, Army Reserves, or Army National

Guard while earning a college degree. The curriculum supplements students’ academic majors by offering elective

courses ranging from leadership and management to military law. Courses are augmented with leadership laboratories

that stress practical skills such as first aid, land navigation, survival techniques, rappelling, military tactics, and scenario-

driven leadership reaction courses. Scholarships are available for two, three, and four years of academic study and are

awarded on a competitive basis. Students may select a branch of the Army in which to be commissioned from 16

specialty fields, including military intelligence, aviation, signal communications, finance, logistics, nursing, and

engineering. Prior to completion of the ROTC program, students may request to go on active duty or serve part-time

in the Army Reserves or National Guard. For more information, contact AROTC at one of the following universities:

CSUN at (818)677-7855 or UCLA at (310)825-7381.