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: Unlike in previous years, a student cannot add a DS course to an academic term past the

add/drop period for that term.


If a student does not complete the DS work on time, the Registrar’s Office will assign a grade of “F” to the

student for the DS course.


A DS course taken in either the Fall or Spring term must be completed by the end of that academic



A DS course taken in either the Winter or Summer term must be completed by the Friday before the

start of the subsequent academic term.


The final grade for a DS course can be posted no sooner than one week per semester unit into the academic

term. The final grade is due no later than five working days following the completion of the DS course.


A student may withdraw from a DS course (and receive a “W” grade) through the 13


week of the Fall or

Spring semester.


For tuition purposes, there is no distinction between units from DS and non-DS courses. Tuition refunds for

dropping a DS course will be calculated and processed in accordance with normal Student Accounts



A DS course fee of $50 per unit is assessed for a DS course taken in the Fall or Spring terms. No DS course

fee is assessed for the Winter or Summer terms. The DS course fee is in addition to tuition. It is non-

refundable after the end of the add/drop period.



Adding Courses

. Courses may be added electronically only during the first two weeks of a semester.


Dropping Courses

. Courses dropped during the first two weeks of a semester will not appear on the

student’s permanent transcript. Courses dropped from the third to the 13


week of a semester will appear on

the transcript with a grade of “W.” If the last day of the 13


week is a university holiday, students may drop a

course and receive a grade of “W” through the next business day. Courses may not be dropped after the 13


week of class except in the case of serious illness. Contact the Registrar’s Office immediately in these



Repeating Courses.

A student may repeat any course that was previously attempted. No additional credits

may be earned, however, by repeating a course that a student has already passed (grade of D- or higher).

When a course is repeated, the subsequent grade replaces the previous grade for GPA purposes (even if

lower), but the previous grade remains on the student’s academic record and transcript. Some departments

may require that a student repeat a course within the major if the grade earned was below a certain level (e.g.



Changes in Course Schedule.

If a student desires to drop a course after the first two weeks of a semester,

he/she must have the permission of his/her instructor, academic advisor, and the Office of the Registrar to

make changes. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.


Course and Lab Fees.

These fees will be refunded if a student drops a course during the first two weeks of

the semester. After that time, course and lab fees are not refundable.


Withdrawing from School.

Withdrawal is processed on a form available from the Office of the Registrar.

Any refund due the student is determined according to the refund policy found in the “Student Account

Policies” section of this catalog.


It is recognized that the ability to concentrate and persevere in scholastic work is an important part of the preparation

for effective Christian ministry. The following scholastic honors are recognized:

Semester Honors:

Granted to undergraduate students completing 15 or more semester units who attain the

following grade point average:

President’s List 3.80