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BL502 Elementary Greek II (3)

Designed for beginners in Greek. This course includes a thorough study of the pronunciation and acquisition of a

working vocabulary and exercises in translation from Greek to English, as well as from English to Greek. Translation

of selected passages of the Greek New Testament.

BL511 Elementary Hebrew I (3)

Designed for beginners in Hebrew, this is the first semester of a one-year introduction to Biblical Hebrew. Emphasis

in the course is on accurate pronunciation, the recognition of noun and verb forms, the understanding of simple

narrative syntax, vocabulary acquisition, and translation of simple narrative texts.

BL512 Elementary Hebrew II (3)

This class builds upon the knowledge acquired in Elementary Hebrew I with further emphasis on noun and verb


BTS531 Practicum in Biblical Leadership (2)

A faculty-directed independent study focusing on a biblical theology and philosophy of leadership. Attention will be

given to examples of leaders in the Bible and an examination of the concept of spiritual leadership. The student will be

expected to articulate a philosophy of leadership and provide evidence of applying that philosophy in a specific facet of

his/her own ministry.

BTS533 Practicum in Discipleship (2)

A faculty-directed independent study focusing on the analysis of discipleship models and the application of scriptural

principles in the discipleship process.

BTS535 Practicum in Youth Ministry (2)

A faculty-directed independent study concerning youth ministry. The student will be challenged to consider the biblical

philosophy of youth ministry as well as be exposed to youth ministry programs in his/her immediate area.

BTS537 Practicum in Worship (2)

A faculty-directed independent study concerning the principles and practices of worship. Attention will be given to a

biblical definition of worship, biblical paradigms of worship, styles of worship, leading in worship, hymnody and

hymnology, and current issues in worship.

BTS538 Practicum in Teaching (2)

A faculty-directed independent study concerning the principles and practices of effective teaching. Emphasis will be

placed on teaching technique, the learning process, and basic curricular design.

BTS539 Practicum in Missions (2)

A faculty-directed independent study concerning the principles and practices of biblically-based mission work. Emphasis

will be placed on a survey of the biblical basis of missions, cross-cultural communication, mission strategy, the call and

preparation of the missionary, and the role of sending organizations. Some consideration will also be given to one or

more contemporary issues, such as urban ministries, student ministries, and creative access to closed countries.

BTS551 Seminar on the Epistle to the Romans (3)

An in-depth exposition of Romans, with careful attention to the meaning, implication, and application of the text.

BTS552 New Testament Chronology (2)

This is a graduate level class designed to be taught as an independent study under the supervision of a Bible Department

faculty member. This class will focus on the chronology of New Testament events and the lives of people (especially

Jesus and Paul). Special attention will be given to chronological difficulties. Significant reading and research will be

required. Reading reports and research papers will be required.