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BTS521 Historical Background of the New Testament (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the history, literature, and culture of the Intertestamental period through the first

century A.D.

BTS522 Life, Ministry, and Theology of Christ (2)

A graduate study of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ, including His role as Messiah and as Son of God.

Special attention will be given to the Jewish historical and cultural background of His life, to the implications of His

true humanity, and to the modern alternative theories about the facts and meaning of His life.

BTS523 Life, Ministry, and Theology of Paul (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the writings of Paul. Attention is given to historical and cultural settings, messages,

theological themes, and analysis of selected passages.

BTS524 Theology of General Epistles and Revelation (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the theology of general epistles and the Revelation. Emphasis will be placed on critical

issues relating to authorship, acceptance into the canon, historical settings, messages, theological themes, and

interpretive problems. Special emphasis will be placed on the high priesthood of Jesus Christ as in Hebrews and the

eschatology of 2 Peter 3 and the book of Revelation.

BTS530 Religion and Culture of Turkey and Greece (2)

A field-based exploration of the cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity of the land of Turkey and Greece. Special

attention is given to religious and cultural distinctives of the major ethnic communities and monotheistic religions of

the region. It will be taken in conjunction with the Turkey and Greece Study Tour.

BTS551 Central Themes in Biblical Theology (2) (ONLINE ONLY)

A survey of how the great theological themes progressively develop through both the Old and New Testaments. The

difference between this approach and that of systematic theology is the tracing of how the theme develops through the

successive stages of redemptive history. Particular attention is given to the promise of the Messiah in both testaments.

BTS571 Contemporary Issues in Theology (2)

A culmination seminar that seeks to integrate biblical studies with Christian faith and ministry. Students will use an

evangelical theological method to address contemporary trends and emphases in theology confronting the

contemporary Christian church. Students will be exposed to a wide diversity of theological literature and perspectives

within and beyond the evangelical spectrum.

BTS572 Seminar in Applied Biblical Studies (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the application of biblical studies to the life of the believer. Attention will be given to

the priority of Christlikeness, the process by which this occurs in the life of the believer, and the role of discipling

towards this objective. The uniqueness of the biblical process of change will be addressed.


IBEX 570 Physical Geography of Israel (2)

An examination of the physical geography of the land of Israel with attention to regional structure, geology,

and topography; with a view to the development of communication lines and settlement.

BL501 Elementary Greek I (3)

Designed for beginners in Greek. This course includes a thorough study of the pronunciation and acquisition of a

working vocabulary and exercises in translation from Greek to English, as well as from English to Greek. Translation

of selected passages of the Greek New Testament.