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MABS program. Decisions regarding advanced standing and transfer credits will be made by the chairperson of the

Biblical Studies Department in consultation with the registrar.

Course Offerings in MABS


BTS500 Introduction to Biblical Studies (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on foundational issues in the field of Biblical Studies. Seminar topics include inspiration,

origin, authority, canonicity, transmission, and translation. Students will be exposed to the assumptions of critical

scholarship related to the Bible and an evangelical response to those assumptions. Issues of special introduction to

selected portions of the Old and New Testaments will be treated with particular attention to the conclusions of modern

“higher criticism”.

BTS501 Hermeneutics (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on hermeneutical theory and practice related to the Biblical text. Attention is given to the

philosophical and literary foundations that describe relationship between author, text and reader; the interpretative

methodologies that are applied to various scriptural genres; and the application of interpretative theory to specific

passages of Scripture.

BTS510 Land of the Bible (2) (ONLINE ONLY)

A regionally based geographic study of the land of Israel with an emphasis on the biblical period. Attention is given to

the interrelationship of geography and geology to history, and the subsequent development of civilization in the various

regions. Regions studied include Judea, Samaria, Dead Sea, Jordan Rift, Golan, Jezreel, Negev, and the Coastal district.

BTS511 Creation and Covenant (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the biblical-theological study of the Pentateuch. Emphasis will be given to the

foundational themes of creation and covenant as essential to biblical theology, the exploration of critical issues of

authorship and composition; the discussion of interpretive options for crucial passages, and the formative influence of

creation on the current public debate on origins and age of the earth.

BTS512 History of the Covenant People (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the history of Israel from the period of the patriarchs through the Babylonian exile.

Emphasis will be given to placing the history of Israel against the backdrop of the ancient Near East, from the

perspective that God used the nations surrounding Israel to accomplish His purposes for her and orchestrated world

history around her. Further attention will be given to the historical method and historiography concerning ancient Israel.

The current public debate on the status and legitimacy of modern Israel will also be considered.

BTS513 Prophecy and Prophets in Context (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the Old Testament prophetical literature with attention given to historical backgrounds

and context, internal message, theological themes, and issues of criticism.

BTS515 Worship and Wisdom (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the worship and wisdom literature of the Old Testament and its application to the

contemporary church and the sanctification of every believer. Issues like the problem of pain, the value of worship, and

why do the wicked prosper will all be addressed. The student will learn to seek answers to life in the true worship of

God and in the wisdom of God provided in these books.

BTS520 Early Church and the Book of Acts (2)

A graduate seminar that stresses both the Graeco-Roman and the Jewish historical backgrounds that underlie the events

in the book of Acts. Particular attention is then given to the roles of Peter and James in the book.

This course can be taken

in connection with the Turkey and Greece Study Tour.