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BC597 Practicum in Teaching (2)

A faculty-directed practicum concerning the principles and practices of effective teaching of biblical counseling in

conjunction with a semester-long teaching opportunity. Emphasis will be placed on teaching technique, the learning

process, and curricular design.

Prerequisite: All core courses.

BC598 Thesis Research (2)

This course introduces the program capstone research project and guides the research task. The student is responsible

to compose a fully-documented research outline, as the basis for either a seminar presentation or a formal 100- to 120-

page thesis paper that deals with a special problem or area of investigation in biblical counseling. The research goal must

be precisely stated in written form, pursued under faculty supervision, and approved by and presented to the chairman

and research coordinator of the Biblical Counseling Department.

Prerequisite: All core courses.

BC599 Thesis Composition (2)

This guided composition course requires the student to compose a thesis paper, presenting the biblical understanding

and counseling methodology for a specific problem that could be encountered in counseling, taking the form of a 100-

to 120-page, fully documented paper. Thesis topics are approved by the department chairman and the research

coordinator; research and composition are pursued under an appointed faculty advisor.

Prerequisites: All core courses and