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To be formally recommended for a California Preliminary Teaching Credential by The Master’s University, candidates



Pass the


(multiple subject candidates only)




with a score of at least 3 for each of the four tasks


Complete all of TMU

professional preparation program

coursework with grade of B- or better


Successfully complete

student teaching


Become certified in


(infant, child, and adult CPR)


Ensure TMU has received:

evaluation forms

from all master teachers and college supervisors

official transcripts

from all colleges/universities attended



all financial obligations

to the University before applying for the credential (zero account balance)


Submit a “

Request for Recommendation

” (correctly filled out by candidate)

CalTPA scoring: if a candidate’s TPA task must be re-scored for any reason, the candidate must pay additional assessor

fees at the time of resubmission.

All candidates who complete their teacher preparation in California must be formally recommended for the credential

by the college or university where the program was completed. California has a two-tier credential structure. A five-year

preliminary credential is the first credential issued, and then candidates must obtain a clear credential.

Course Offerings in the Credential Program

ED500 Practicum (3)

A professional education course that requires classroom experience in all content areas of the public school curriculum.

Weekly seminars address teaching strategies and unit planning. Training for CalTPA tasks and the completion of

“Subject Specific Pedagogy” and “Designing Instruction” are part of the course. (Course fee: $140). In addition to

course texts, candidates must purchase and activate a TaskStream account.)

Prerequisite: admission to the Multiple or Single

Subject Credential Program. Corequisites (all students): ED550, ED560. Multiple Subject Corequisites: ED510, ED530A/B. Single

Subject Corequisites: ED520, ED540.

ED510 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School (3)

A professional education course designed to enable prospective teachers to develop an initial theory of integrated

reading and language arts. Emphasis is placed on principles, strategies, and materials compatible with children’s

developmental levels and California content standards. Addresses unique needs and instruction of diverse populations,

including English learners. Approved course for preparing students for the Reading Instruction Competence

Assessment (RICA).

Prerequisite: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program. Corequisite: ED550.

ED520 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3)

A professional course designed to expose prospective teachers to effective ways of teaching reading to learn in secondary

content classes. Attention is given to selection and use of textbooks, teaching writing patterns and comprehension

strategies appropriate to various content areas, informal assessment of students, and ways of adapting assignments to

varying reading levels. Fifteen (15) hours of classroom fieldwork and observation in reading are required.


ED410, ED420, ED400; admission to the Teaching Credential Program.

ED530A Teaching Strategies for Elementary Math (2)

A professional education course dealing with strategies for teaching elementary mathematics with the guidelines set in

the respective California State Standards (Common Core) for K-12 public schools, including working with English

learners and students with special needs. (Course fee: $30.)

Prerequisite: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program.

Corequisite: ED550.