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why do the wicked prosper will all be addressed. The student will learn to seek answers to life in the true worship of

God and in the wisdom of God provided in these books.

Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS520 Early Church and Book of Acts (2)

A graduate seminar that stresses both the Greco-Roman and the Jewish historical backgrounds that underlie the events

in the Book of Acts. Particular attention is then given to the roles of Peter and James in the book.

Prerequisites: BTS500

and BTS501.

BTS521 Historical Background of the New Testament (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the history, literature, and culture of the intertestamental period from the end of the

OT period to 70 A.D.

Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS522 Life, Ministry, & Theology of Christ (2)

A graduate study of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ, including His role as Messiah and as Son of God.

Special attention will be given to the Jewish historical and cultural background of His life, to the implications of His

true humanity, and to the modern alternative theories about the facts and meaning of His life.

Prerequisites: BTS500 and


BTS523 Letter and Theology of Paul (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the writings of Paul. Attention is first given to the historical and cultural settings of

Paul’s life, in addition to the messages, theological themes, and analysis of selected passages in his epistles.


BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS524 Theology of General Epistles & Revelation (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the theology of General Epistles and the Revelation. Emphasis will be placed on critical

issues relating to authorship, acceptance into the canon, historical settings, messages, theological themes, and

interpretive problems. Special emphasis will be placed on the high priesthood of Jesus Christ as in Hebrews and the

eschatology of 2 Peter 3 and the Book of Revelation.

Prerequisite: BTS500, BTS501.

BTS531-538 Applied Practicum Elective Courses (2)

Each practicum course provides a faculty-directed independent study into the principles and practices of a selected area

of local church or missions ministry. Specific topics and requirements are selected by the faculty member in discussion

with the student to provide a challenging learning experience that is relevant to the student’s current vocational and

ministry position.

BTS551 Central Themes of Biblical Theology (2)

A survey of how the great theological themes progressively develop through both the Old and New Testaments. The

difference between this approach and that of systematic theology is the tracing of how the theme develops through the

successive stages of redemptive history. Particular attention is given to the promise of a Messiah in both testaments.

Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS570 Biblical Turkey & Greece (2)

A field-based examination of the physical geography of biblically-related cities and regions in Turkey and Greece. The

course gives particular attention to regional structure and topography with a view to the development of routes and

settlement. This course is taught as part of a three-week study trip led by a Master’s University professor.

BTS571 Contemporary Issues in Theology (2)

A culmination seminar that seeks to integrate biblical studies with Christian faith and ministry. Students will use an

evangelical theological method to address contemporary trends and emphases in theology confronting the

contemporary Christian church. Students will be exposed to a wide diversity of theological literature and perspectives

within and beyond the evangelical spectrum.

Prerequisites: BTS500, BTS501, and BTS551.