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H211, 212 World History I, II (3, 3)

A broad two-semester survey integrating important geographical, intellectual, cultural, social, political, and economic

developments within the world’s major civilizations from the earliest times to the 17th century in the first semester and

from the 17th century to present in the second semester.

H241 U.S. History I (3)

An examination of noteworthy political, geographical, social, cultural, and economic trends in the United States to 1900.


P311 Introduction to Philosophy (3)

A survey of the field of philosophy: its vocabulary, aims, and purposes; the great systems of speculative thought, and

the leading thinkers.

SP221 Spanish IA & IB (2, 2)

Designed to introduce the beginning student to the Spanish language. The curriculum will include the fundamentals of

grammar, pronunciation, and conversation.


MGT335 Organizational Communication – Fundamentals (3)

The principles of communication within an organization are presented. Effective communication methods, both oral

and written, will be taught and practiced with an emphasis in using the proper communication method for any given


Prerequisite: BIB306.

MGT336 Organizational Communication – Advanced (3)

This course continues to develop and advance the concepts and skills introduced in MGT335 Organizational

Communication – Fundamentals.

Prerequisites: BIB306 and MGT335.

MGT345 Business Law (3)

A study of legal theory as it applies to the everyday business world inhabited by organizational managers. The student

studies the principles of business law and the legal environment including the legal process, contracts, commercial

relations, business formations, and special topics such as property, environmental law, labor-management relations, and

international law.

Prerequisites: BIB306 and MGT335.

MGT409 Leadership Principles & Strategic Management (3)

This course provides an introduction to both secular and biblical examples of leaders and how Christian ethics make a

difference in their leadership role. The student is confronted with organizational management issues faced by a manager

in today’s marketplace. The course assists students in conducting strategic analyses and making strategic decisions while

emphasizing the ability to defend the recommendations that are made.

Prerequisites: BIB306 and MGT335.

MGT411 Organizational Management (3)

A study of organizational structure, its processes and associated human behavior in a constantly changing environment.

Management is presented in terms of the four major functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A

comparison of Organizational Behavior and biblical principles are discussed.

MGT413 Human Resource Management (3)

This course explores organizational policies and practices of recruitment and selection, change and development,

compensation and benefits, safety and health, employee and labor relations, and legislation. This course will integrate

the above policies with methods for strategically helping management obtain organizational goals.

Prerequisites: BIB306

and MGT335.