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BCW363 Apologetics (3)

A survey of the main approaches to apologetics and an examination of evidences for the Christian faith from such fields

as science, history, archaeology, and philosophy.

This will satisfy the requirement for P311 Introduction to Philosophy.

BE101 – Introduction to Psychology (3)

A general introduction to the basic concepts of psychology, with emphasis given to the various theories of psychology

along with a thorough biblical analysis and critique.

BIB306 Christian Worldview & Ethics (3)

This course is designed to reintroduce the student into the rigor of university life. Academic skills such as becoming a

master student, time management, goal setting, and study principles are examined. The process of critical thinking and

analysis as well as the concept of a Christian worldview will be covered. The characteristics of successful leaders and

the traits they exhibit in everyday decision-making responsibilities are identified and studied.

BIB310 Foundations of Biblical Study (3)

This course introduces the student to the necessary skills and techniques that promote educational success in the online

environment. Academic writing and research techniques promoting information literacy are examined and applied. This

course is also undergirded by an essential focus on spiritual formation foundational to healthy ministry—personal as

well as corporate—within the life of the church. Guiding principles constituting biblical ministry within the curriculum

are established.

BIB349 Dynamics of Grace (3)

The course will examine why the gospel is the energizing truth that drives the believer’s sanctification. In-depth attention

will be paid to the spiritual discipline of ongoing faith in the gospel (“preaching the gospel to oneself each day”).

Attention will also be given to the biblical connection between the gospel and the believer’s worship, walk, warfare,

witness, oneness, and worldview. The practical theology of this course is designed especially to address the “disconnect”

which commonly exists between faith and life, between doctrine and practice.

Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202,

B340, BIB310, BTH321, and BTH322.

BIB355 Worldview, Apologetics, Evangelism (3)

This class will examine why a biblical worldview is about total reality, not just religious truth. It will equip the student

to critique erroneous worldviews for the purpose of becoming effective in evangelism. The class will also examine the

need for and the methodology used in pre-suppositional apologetics. It will also consider the appropriate use of Christian

evidences and their proper place in the apologetic presentation.

Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, BIB310,

BTH321, and BTH322.

BIB375 Church History (3)

This course presents an overview of church history, tracing the growth and development of Christianity from the

Apostolic Age to the present. The course will include discussions of the church fathers, major councils, the Reformation,

and key church leaders over the last 2,000 years.

Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, BIB310, BTH321, and


BIB380 Christian Education (3)

This course is a survey of the history, philosophy, principles, and practice of Christian education. The student will be

exposed to, discuss, and evaluate the varied contexts of Christian education. Differing age levels will be considered. The

student will be expected to interact with the course materials, the instructor, and other students in an effort to refine

the understanding and practice of Christian education. The student is also expected to explore various ministries within

their local church and evaluate each biblically.

Prerequisites: B101, B102, B201, B202, B340, BIB310, BTH321, and