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TMU Online Programs

Dr. John Hughes, Director

The Master’s University Online provides an opportunity for conservative evangelical believers worldwide to experience

the academic excellence and spiritual influence consistent with the University’s on-campus programs. TMU Online

offers both complete degree programs in selected academic fields and a variety of online courses that can be used to

fulfill General Education (G.E.) and elective requirements at TMU and for transfer to other colleges and universities.

All online courses are taught from a distinctively biblical worldview and provide the options of enrollment for credit or

on an audit-only basis.

Courses are offered in two eight-week sessions during each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Consequently, TMU

Online courses are eligible for federal and state financial aid for qualifying individuals. Students may take one or two

courses each session depending on their personal schedule.

TMU Online courses contain a variety of proven online instructional approaches, including brief video lectures, topical

videos from the Internet or other resources, interactive exercises, and lessons. In addition, students engage each other

and the instructor in online discussion forums, chat and video conferencing sessions, and instant messaging. Student

assessments include online quizzes and exams, written papers, online speeches, role-play, and presentations, depending

on the program.


TMU Online currently offers complete online Bachelor of Arts degree programs in

Biblical Studies






Organizational Management.

The Christian Ministries and Organizational Management programs

are geared for adult learners (generally 23 years or older) who have experience in a work environment. At the graduate

level, TMU Online offers a

Master of Business Administration

(MBA) degree program. The University is currently

seeking WASC Senior College & University Commission (WSCUC) approval to offer

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical



Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

online degrees beginning in Oct/Nov 2016.


The Master’s University welcomes applications from all individuals who have a testimony of personal faith in Jesus

Christ as Lord and Savior. The University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin

or sex in its admission policies.

Undergraduate Programs Admission Requirements

An individual must meet the following requirements to be admitted as an undergraduate, degree-seeking student in

TMU Online’s degree program:


Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior


Be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate


Demonstrate college-level writing ability as part of the application process


Submit official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended


Submit a recommendation from a Christian leader (pastor, elder, etc.)


Demonstrate the ability to successfully complete college-level academic work through one of the following:

Have graduated with a high school cumulative GPA of at least 2.75

Have earned at least 24 semester units of transferable college credit with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on all

transfer classes

Have a composite SAT 1 (reading & math) score of at least 1000 or ACT score of at least 19


All applicants must meet requirements 1 through 5 to be admitted to an online degree program. Any individual

seeking a bachelor’s degree who does not satisfy requirement 6 may be admitted on a conditional status. However,