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MU355 Introduction to Audio Mixing, Pro Tools III (3)

(Pro Tools III) The study of sound mixing techniques using DAWs like Pro Tools as it applies to modern media: film,

television, radio, music, etc.

Prerequisite: MU354.

MU356 Teaching Piano Internship I (1.5)

This course offers students an opportunity to observe a weekly 45-minute group piano class of beginning level students and

to teach a private piano lesson with supervision. Weekly meetings address topics such as lesson planning, promoting

parent/teacher/student relationships, and organizing recitals and other performance opportunities.

Corequisite: MU386.

Prerequisite: MU385.

MU360/160 Individual Instruction (1-2)

Private lessons in performance (for areas see MU160). One half-hour lesson per week for 1 unit. This 360 course number

applies to students who have completed at least 4 semesters of individual instruction. May be repeated for credit.

All music

majors must also register for MU390 Performance Practicum.

MU374 Functional Keyboard Skills (2)

Designed to give the advanced keyboard student greater fluency in the arts of sight-reading, improvisation, and


MU380H Advanced Handbell Ensemble (1)

Open to all students by audition. May be repeated for credit.

MU385 Piano Pedagogy I (2)

An introduction to teaching beginning level piano lessons, including a summary of methods with practical direction on the

administration of a piano studio. This course highlights the observation and discussion of beginning level piano teaching.

Prerequisites: MU141A and MU142A.

MU386 Piano Pedagogy II (2)

An introduction to teaching intermediate level piano lessons, including an overview of available materials and an

introduction to leveling repertoire. This course highlights the observation and discussion of intermediate level piano


Prerequisite: MU385.

MU390 Performance Practicum (0)

Weekly or biweekly meetings involving student performances in recital or studio settings. Provides a time for combined

performances (vocalists, pianists, and instrumentalists) and acquaints the student with a breadth of literature beyond his/her

own study. Allows the opportunity for faculty and students to critique performances in a wide variety of efficient and

encouraging ways. Required of all music majors every semester.

MU393 Music History & Literature I (3)

A study of the history and literature of Western music from ancient times through the baroque period.

MU394 Music History & Literature II (3)

A study of the history and literature of Western music from the classical period through the modern period.

MU396 World Music (3)

A multi-disciplinary study of peoples around the world and their music. Identifies various people groups geographically and

culturally and defines the role of music in their religion, daily lives, and history. Introduces indigenous musical instruments,

performance practices, and a visit to a non-Western musical instrument museum. Includes attendance requirement at ethnic

(non-Western) music concerts.

Satisfies 3 units of the (pre-2015) general education cross-cultural requirement.

MU404 Recording Techniques (3)

Live recording and studio recording techniques.

Prerequisite: MU251.