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percentages, problem-solving techniques, financial calculations, statistics, correlation, the normal distribution,

probability, and mathematics in the arts and politics.

MA253 Discrete Mathematics (3)

This course is a study of discrete structures commonly used in computer science and mathematics, including topics

from sets and relations, permutations and combinations, graphs and trees, induction, recursion, and Boolean Algebras.

Prerequisite: MA121.

MA262 Elementary Statistics (3)

This is a general course in elementary statistics dealing with the collection, organization, display and inferential

techniques of modern data analysis. Topics covered may include descriptive statistics, bivariate data, probability

distributions, sampling distributions and common hypothesis tests.

Prerequisite: MA101 or equivalent.

MA282 Ordinary Differential Equations (3)

This course covers the forms and solutions of many different types of ordinary differential equations and their

applications in the sciences.

Prerequisites: MA221 and MA231.

MA302 Introduction to Mathematical Proof (3)

A practical introduction to formal mathematical proof emphasizing preparation for advanced study in mathematics.

Special attention is paid to reading and building proofs using standard forms and models within the context of specific


Prerequisite: MA221.

MA344 Modern Geometry (3)

This course covers finite geometries, modern Euclidean geometry, constructions, non-Euclidean geometries, and other

topics in geometry.

Prerequisite: MA302.

MA355 Number Theory & the History of Mathematics (3)

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the widely known theorems, conjectures, unsolved problems, and

proofs of number theory. In addition, the history of mathematics, from the beginning of recorded civilization to the

present, will be covered. Topics may include divisibility, primes, congruences, Diophantine equations, and arithmetic


Prerequisite: MA302.

MA366 Probability (3)

A general course in elementary probability theory. Topics to be covered may include the normal distribution, random

variables, uni- and multi-variate probability distributions, and the Central Limit Theorem.

Prerequisite: MA221.

MA368 Mathematical Statistics (3)

This class covers the mathematical foundations and some applications of statistical methods. Statistics make possible

decision making based on the collection, tabulation, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data.

Topics covered will include sampling and estimation techniques: consistency, unbiasedness, maximum likelihood,

confidence intervals, hypothesis-testing; type I and II errors, likelihood ratio tests, and test for means and variances; and

regression and correlation, Chi-square tests, decision theory, and nonparametric statistics. This class assumes some prior

knowledge of probability theory.

Prerequisite: MA366.

MA383 Complex Analysis (3)

This course is an introduction to complex analysis. Topics to be covered may include complex numbers, analytic

functions, elementary functions, integrals, Laurent series, residues, poles, and applications of residues.



MA400 Mathematics Seminar (1)

A lecture/discussion course reviewing recent articles appearing in mathematical journals accessible to undergraduate

mathematics majors. May be repeated once for credit. This course is a capstone integrative course.

Prerequisite: MA302.