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Professional Activities VIII: Nontraditional (1)

Development of skills in at least one nontraditional activity. Meets three hours per week. No less than a C grade will be

accepted in professional activity classes for departmental majors.

KPE119 Archery (1)

KPE268b Pickleball (1)

KPE100/400 Intercollegiate Athletics (1)

Open only to those individuals participating on an intercollegiate team. No more than four total semester hours,

including transfer hours, for any combination of different sports may be taken for credit.

KPE110 Fitness Techniques & Health (2)

Designed to develop a reasonable level of physical fitness through organized programs of exercise and activities.

Students will acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to continue in a self-directed fitness program

after the semester has been completed.

KPE212 Principles of Physical Education (2)

A study of the foundations and purposes of physical education in relation to the total school program. Provides

opportunity to observe secondary and elementary physical education classes in operation. Required of all departmental

sophomores in order to continue with the physical education major.

KPE222 Sports Analysis (2)

Analysis of the organization, fundamentals, techniques and strategy of coaching a specific sport.

KPE223 Sports Analysis Practicum (2)

Observation and analysis of an interscholastic sport team program.

KPE256 Movement Education (2)

Principles of movement are analyzed and practiced as they apply to locomotor and non-locomotor skills. Stress is placed

on the development of creativity, coordination, rhythm, and timing


KPE296 Program Design for Strength and Conditioning (2)

A study of the theory and application of training principles used in designing periodized sport-specific strength and

conditioning programs.

KPE303 History & Philosophy of Physical Education (3)

A study of the historical background, aims, and objectives of physical education and the place of physical education in

modern life.

KPE313 Adapted Physical Education (3)

A study of the principles and applications of physical education programs for people with disabilities.

KPE314 Kinesiology (3)

An in-depth study of anatomical and biomechanical movement analyses.

Prerequisite: LS321.

KPE316 Physiology of Exercise (3)

An in-depth study of physiological adaptations and responses that occur as a result of exercise and sport.



KPE324 Psychology of Coaching (2)

A study of current problems and trends in the administration of athletics.