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three in one, and an extensive discussion of the Armenian controversy that resulted in the Nicene Creed of A.D. 325

and its reformation at Constantinople in A.D. 385.

Same as BTH373


H374 Historical Theology II (3)

This course follows the same patterns as Historical Theology I, though the focus begins where the Armenian

controversy ends, the debate over the two-notions of Christ, and follows this never ending debate to the

modernist/fundamentalist last struggle. Also covered are eschatology, the Eucharist, and the Augustine/Pelagian

controversy over man’s fallen state.

Same as BTH374



POL220 United States Government (3)

A survey of American institutions and processes. Included are such topics as the Constitution, federalism, Congress,

the presidency, judiciary, and civil rights.

POL326 Introduction to American Politics (3)

A general overview of the important fields of study and seminal works in American politics.

POL343 U.S. Constitutional History (3)

A broad survey of U.S. Constitutional history beginning with the influences of English Common Law and Colonial

constitutional practices to the present Rehnquist Court. Case law will be integrated within the historical contexts so that

students will understand the interrelatedness between American history and jurisprudence.

Same as H343

POL354 The Christian & Politics (3)

A biblical approach to Christian citizenship and activity. Emphasis on general and specific scriptural principles and their

application to contemporary issues including an introduction to various viewpoints.

POL365 Western Political Philosophy I (3)

An in-depth study of the foundational works of classical political philosophy.

POL366 Western Political Philosophy II (3)

An in-depth study of the major modern political philosophers and their thought from Machiavelli through the social

contract theorists to Marx.

POL393 Introduction to Political Research (3)

A basic introduction to the appropriate methods, procedures, and sources for political research and writing.

POL492 Senior Seminar in Political Studies (3)

Capstone course for senior students in political studies, emphasizing summary integration of a biblical worldview within

the context of political studies, review of contemporary emphases in the discipline, and summary reinforcement and

assessment of student learning.


POL325 Political Parties & Elections (3)

American political parties: their history, structure, operation, and their impact on the American electoral process.

POL333 The Presidency (3)

A study of the presidency and various schools of thought concerning the president’s role and powers. Particular

attention is paid to the constitutional presidency view vs. the modern presidency view.

POL334 Congress (3)

A study of the United States Congress; its members, functions, and procedures; and its relationship with other elements

of the governmental system and processes.