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science, philosophy, economics and political thought; the Enlightenment and its impact; and the philosophers and

enlightened despots.

H454 Nineteenth Century Europe (3)

A study of Europe from the French Revolution to the eve of WWI (1789-1914). Major areas of interest to be covered

include the French Revolution, Napoleon and empire, the concert of Europe, revolutions of ’48, Industrial Revolution,

Napoleon III, unification of Germany and Italy, Bismarck, colonialism and empire building, the Victorian era, ferment

in art and thought, alliance system, and diplomatic crises preceding WWI.

H464 The Reformation Era (3)

A study of the historical/theological development of the post-Reformation and Reformation period through Calvin.

Other areas of the Reformation not covered in class lectures are pursued through research papers and class discussion.

Same as BCH464.

H467 Europe from 1914 to 1945 (3)

Political, diplomatic, military, social, geographical, and economic history, with special attention to the First World War,

the League of Nations, the rise of fascism, and World War II.

H468 Europe Since World War II (3)

A study integrating the major political, geographical, diplomatic, economic, and social developments in the major nations

of Europe from World War II to the present.


H327 Latin American History (3)

A broad survey integrating geography, politics, economics, and culture, including the ancient Native-American

civilizations, Iberian conquest and colonization, wars of independence, modern national trends, and relations with the

United States.

H345 The Intertestamental Period (3)

A survey of the historical movements and events in Judea from 400 B.C. to A.D. 70 that serve as the background for

the New Testament. The literature (apocryphal books, Dead Sea Scrolls), institutions (synagogue, Sanhedrin, temple),

and religious sects (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, etc.) will be closely examined. Finally, the Hellenistic, Roman and

Jewish political rulers will be surveyed to understand better the context in which the early Christian events took place.

Same as BCH347


H346 East Asian History to 1945 (3)

A survey of East Asian history and geography with the major emphasis on the political and cultural histories of China

and Japan to 1945. This course uses a historical and comparative approach.

H364 History of Ancient Israel (3)

A careful study of the history of the people and the nation of Israel, from Abraham through the period of restoration.

Special attention is given to the relationship of the Old Testament prophetic and wisdom literature to that historical


H366 History of the Early Church (3)

A historical study of the life and thought of early Christianity as it developed within the political and cultural context of

the Roman world.

Same as BCH366

H373 Historical Theology I (3)

An historical examination of the struggle to define, clarify, and defend foundational Christian doctrines beginning with

the second century church. This is done through lectures, assigned papers, class discussion, and reasoning. This first

section deals mainly with the formation of the canon, early heresies relating to Christ and attempts to define God as