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H343 U.S. Constitutional History (3)

A broad survey of U.S. Constitutional history beginning with the influences of English Common Law and colonial

constitutional practices to the present Rehnquist Court. Case law is integrated within the historical contexts so that

students will understand the interrelatedness between American history and jurisprudence.

Same as POL343

H421 Historical Research Techniques (3)

A course on research methods in history, introducing both traditional research techniques and contemporary computer-

based strategies. Problems in writing and documentation will also be addressed, while historiography comprises a main

topic for readings.

H492 Senior Seminar in History (3)

A capstone course involving a review of historiography issues as well as historical data to prepare history majors for

national tests. Should be taken during the second semester of the senior year.


H323 Early National Period of the U.S. (3)

A study of formative political, economic, geographical, social, diplomatic, and cultural developments between 1789 and

1848. Topics include constitutional questions; origins and evolution of political parties; early industrialization; wars with

Britain, Mexico, and Native Americans; and Jacksonian era democratic and social reforms.

H324 The United States from 1900 to 1941 (3)

Social, cultural, economic, geographic, political, and diplomatic developments in the U.S. from the beginning of the 20


century to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Major topics include the progressive movement, WWI, the Roaring Twenties,

and the Great Depression.

H325 The United States from 1941 to 1973 (3)

Social, cultural, economic, geographic, political, and diplomatic developments in the United States from Pearl Harbor

to the end of the Vietnam War. The following topics are included: WWII, various Cold War conflicts, 1960s protests,

debates over the welfare state, and Civil Rights movements for African Americans, other minority groups, and women.

H326 Contemporary United States History (3)

Social, cultural, economic, geographical, political, and diplomatic developments in the United States from approximately

1968 to the present. The following topics are addressed: post-industrial economics, the end of the Cold War, and various

manifestations of the “culture wars.”

H332 California: Past & Present (3)

A study of cultural, economic, geographical, and political developments in California starting with its Native American

residents, through the Spanish and Mexican periods and continuing to its present multicultural state. California’s present

government structure is also examined.

H335 Colonial & Revolutionary America (3)

An examination of economic, political, social, geographical, and cultural developments in the North American colonies

from their discovery to the writing of the Constitution in 1787. Topics include the clash of Native-American and

European cultures, colonial religious beliefs and practices, the institutionalization of slavery, formative experiences in

self-government, and the ideologies of the Revolution and Constitution.

H353 U.S. Diplomatic History (3)

A survey of U.S. foreign relations events, policies, and policy-makers from the colonial era to the present. Geopolitics

since WWII receives extra emphasis to facilitate an understanding of the context for contemporary international


Same as POL353