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C394 Introduction to Computer Visual Effects (3)

Introduces students to basic concepts for producing visual effects using computers. HDRI, rotoscoping, green screen

compositing and explosions are a few methods demonstrated during the class. These effects apply to film, video,

animation, graphics and photography. (Course fee: $50.)

Prerequisite: junior or senior status.

C401 Directing (3)

Concentration on the principles and aptitudes of planning and picturization of script material, culminating in the

production and editing of various projects. (Course fee: $50.)

C402 Film Production (3)

CAPSTONE CLASS. An advanced course in production. Students will have the opportunity to create and produce a

short film with a professional film crew. (Course fee: $50.)

Prerequisite: C321, C401.

C404 Graphic Design II (3)

This class builds upon the previous classroom experience from Graphic Design I and covers new concepts for the

infographics, advertising, electronic publications, production of books, graphic novels, magazines, and newspapers.

Prerequisite: C373.

C430A, B Honors Internship (1-6)

Students find placement in communication-related departments or firms (film studios, television stations, radio stations,

newspapers, advertising companies, public relations firms, etc.). Fifteen hours per week for 3 units. A comprehensive

final report completes coursework.

Prerequisites: Senior standing, B average or higher in communication courses, and permission from

an instructor.

C432 Sports Journalism (3)

Students will learn the unique and specific nature of sports journalism—first in the written form, and then also in other

forms, including TV broadcast and radio. Students will be exposed to various sports journalism practices, including

writing game stories and features, conducting on-camera interviews, and taking pictures.

C436 Christianity and Film (3)

Examine 15 films of a wide variety in class. Each will be analyzed with the purpose of discovering the method by which

Christians should examine every film with which they come in contact. Films with a purported religious or even Christian

message need to be examined every bit as thoroughly as the most secular of films. It is the goal of this course to teach

students how to filter everything they see and hear through a biblical grid.

C441 Poetry Writing (3)

An examination of the various poetry rhymes, meters, and additional tools of the poet. Various poetry patterns explained

and illustrated with the goal of helping students become published. (Course fee: $20.)

C442 Computer Visual Effects II (3)

This course expands on the skills and concepts from C394. Students will participate in creating visual effects for student

film projects and explore other, smaller visual effects projects to test their skills.

Prerequisite: C394

C444 Advanced Article Writing (3)

Students build on the principles learned in C344. Assignments include writing and researching literary features, news

stories (including investigative journalism), and columns. As with C344, students will be writing on deadline for an actual

campus publication. The course includes exposure to literary excellence in journalism as students learn the nuances of

story shape, structure, and pacing.

Prerequisite: C344.