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Learn by dissecting weekly news articles, editing articles for the campus newsletter, and self- and peer-editing various

writing assignments. (Course fee: $20.)

C362 Writing Essays, Editorials & Columns (3)

Students will develop the skill of writing columns and editorials as they appear in journalistic venues across both print

and electronic media.

C368 Fundamentals of Advertising Copywriting (3)

Basic principles of copywriting for print and broadcast media. Surveys newspaper, magazine, billboards, brochures,

direct mail, radio, and television.

C371 Interpersonal Communication (3)

Analysis of the theory and practice of the process of interpersonal communication including verbal and nonverbal

messages, self-disclosure, social power, intimacy, emotions, conflict reduction, and various interpersonal relationships.

C372 Science Fiction Writing (3)

Students will explore the genre of science fiction short stories — how to read them critically and how to write them

effectively. The course will cover the nuances and history of the different forms and motifs of science fiction to help

students develop their writing skills across each of those forms and motifs.

C373 Graphic Design I (3)

This class introduces the students to the concepts of Desktop Publishing. Topics covered will include color theory, page

layout, composition, print requirements, and other production-related techniques. The applications used in this class

are Adobe™ Photoshop™ for image editing, Adobe™ Illustrator™ for logo design, and Adobe™ InDesign™ for

page layout and composition.

C381 Beginning Public Relations (3)

Theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence public

opinion and behavior.

Requirement: On-campus internship of 6-10 hours a week.

C382 Persuasion (3)

Theories and techniques of social influence. Course content includes motivation, attitude change, ethics, credibility,

nonverbal persuasion, logic and argumentation, emotions, and cultural influences.

C383 Family Communication (3)

A survey of communication that occurs within the family, with emphasis on rules, change, development, power, stress,

and decision making. Attention will be given to how families seek satisfaction through communication.

C384 Nonverbal Communication (3)

Examination of the influence of environmental factors, physical behavior, and vocal cues on human communication.

C388 Communication & Social Movements (3)

Social and political movements as rhetorical phenomena. Ideology and influence of recent movements will be analyzed.

C391 Intercultural Communication (3)

Analysis of theories and techniques of the process of communication between persons of different cultures or


C392 Advanced Public Relations (3)

Advanced theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence

public opinion and behavior.

Requirements: Off campus internship of 10 hours a week. Prerequisite: C381.