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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



C362 Writing Essays, Editorials & Columns (3)

Training in essay writing. (Fee: $20.)

C367 Introduction to 3DGraphics &Animation-

Maya (3)

This course introduces students to the world of

three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics and

animation. The software package used is Maya, the

most widely used 3D content creation and animation

software. Topics include curves and polygons,

surfaces, lights, cameras, rendering, effects and more.

Same as MIS368. (Fee: $50.)

C368 Fundamentals of Advertising Copywriting


Basic principles of copywriting for print and

broadcast media. Surveys newspaper, magazine,

billboards, brochures, direct mail, radio and television.

C371 Interpersonal Communication (3)

Analysis of the theory and practice of the process

of interpersonal communication including verbal and

nonverbal messages, self-disclosure, social power,

intimacy, emotions, conflict reduction and various

interpersonal relationships.

C373 Graphic Design I (3)

This class introduces the students to the concepts

of Desktop Publishing. Topics covered will

include color theory, page layout, composition,

print requirements and other production related

techniques. The applications used in this class

are Adobe™ Photoshop™ for image editing,

Adobe™ Illustrator™ for logo design and Adobe™

InDesign™ for page layout and composition.

C381 Beginning Public Relations (3)

Theories, processes and techniques involved in

planning and implementing programs designed to

influence public opinion and behavior.


On campus internship of 6-10 hours a week.

C382 Persuasion (3)

Theories and techniques of social influence. Course

content includes motivation, attitude change,

ethics, credibility, nonverbal persuasion, logic and

argumentation, emotions and cultural influences.

C383 Family Communication (3)

A survey of communication that occurs within the

family, with emphasis on rules, change, development,

power, stress and decision-making. Attention will

be given to how families seek satisfaction through


C384 Nonverbal Communication (3)

Examination of the influence of environmental

factors, physical behavior and vocal cues on human


C388 Communication & Social Movements (3)

Social and political movements as rhetorical

phenomena. Ideology and influence of recent

movements will be analyzed.

C391 Intercultural Communication (3)

Analysis of theories and techniques of the process

of communication between persons of different

cultures or subcultures.

C392 Advanced Public Relations (3)

Advanced theories, processes and techniques

involved in planning and implementing programs

designed to influence public opinion and behavior.

Requirements: Off campus internship of 10 hours a week.

Prerequisite: C381.

C394 Intro to Computer Visual Effects (VFX)


Introduces students to basic concepts for producing

visual effects using computers. HDRI, rotoscoping,

green screen compositing and explosions are a few

methods demonstrated during the class. These

effects apply to film, video, animation, graphics

and photography.

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status.

(Fee: $50.)

C401 Directing I (3)

Concentration on the principles and aptitudes

of planning and picturization of script material,

culminating in the production and editing of various

projects. (Fee: $50.)

C402 Directing II (3)

An advanced course in directing and producing from

program conceptualization to evaluation.


C321, C401.

(Fee: $50.)

C404 Graphic Design II (3)

This class builds upon the previous classroom