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C202 Film History I (3)

A study of film from its early conceptual stages to

its familiar modern format. Also included will be

film’s influence on society and the biblical response.

C211 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)

Study of the communicative function of the mass

media and the impact of films, radio, television,

newspapers, magazines and books on society.

C231 Digital Video Editing I (3)

Editing theory and application of the digital moving

image. (Fee: $50.)

C234 Travel Writing (3)

Techniques for crafting publishable articles on travel

writing in a field that is featured both in magazines

and in every major U.S. newspaper. (Fee: $20.)

C251 The Scene (3)

A workshop-style study of the scene as the key

cellular element of storytelling, including structure,

interpretation, break down, directing the actor,

blocking and camera coverage. (Fee: $50.)

C254 Journal & Autobiographical Writing (3)

Exploration of journal keeping and autobiographical

writing with surveys of secular and Christian works

in the genres. Requires daily journal writing and short

self-discovery papers.

C284 Group Dynamics (3)

The process of group communication including

verbal and nonverbal messages, leadership, rules and

roles, cohesiveness, conflict reduction and problem


C291 Video Journalism (3)

Video Journalism is an introductory course to the

arena of broadcast journalism. Students will learn

the elements of conducting interviews in front of

camera, of gathering attending footage and putting

those pieces together to create compelling pieces of

broadcast journalism. Students will produce finished

pieces to be viewed and critiqued by peers and the


C311 Video Production I (3)

Introduction to the video technical language and

creative and aesthetic elements of the production

process. Student will gain understanding of lighting,

sound, camera operation, composition and design of

visual elements. (Fee: $50.)

C312 Video Production II (3)

A continuation of the subjects of Video Production


Prerequisite: C311.

(Fee: $50.)

C321 Screenwriting I (3)

An introduction to the styles, techniques, content

and forms of screenwriting. The writing of several

short scripts is required.

C328 Screenwriting II (3)

Individual attention with a screenplay.

C336 Political Communication (3)

A study of the various media and their impact on

politics. Particular emphasis on television, political

cartoons and propaganda.

C344 Article Writing (3)

Students are introduced to the basics of professional

journalism, writing features, Q&A articles and news

articles on deadline as part of an actual campus

publication. Assignments include covering a beat,

story selection, subject interviews, fact checking,

writing, revising and editing. Students are also

introduced to Associated Press style.

C351 Creative Writing (3)

The short story form, including plot, characterization

and dialogue. (Fee: $20.)

C352 Editing (3)

Grammar basics and sentence structure are

reinforced. However, the bulk of the course covers

the real-world issues writers encounter in college and

beyond. Issues such as word choice, antecedents,

plurals, possessives, punctuation, clarity, conciseness,

and self-editing. Reading and coursework are also

geared for those looking at editing as a career or

see it as an important aspect of a chosen job field.

Additional topics covered include: editing well means

writing well, the editor-writer relationship, and using

style guides. Learn by dissecting weekly news articles,

editing articles for the campus newsletter, and self-

and peer-editing various writing assignments. (Fee: