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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



MKT462 Sales and Customer Service (3)

This course identifies and develops key sales and

customer service skills by discovering customer wants

and needs through effective relationship building,

clear communication (emphasizing listening),

product knowledge, presentation marketing, and

closing strategies. The course will also cover related

subjects such as developing strong negotiating

and persuasive skills and the importance of being

authentic when developing an effective winning sales


MKT482 Marketing Research (3)

This course provides students with the skill set

necessary to conduct professional market research,

perform appropriate statistical analyses on research

data, and communicate research results. Special

emphasis will be placed on research related to price

points, new products and services, demographics,

and target markets.

Prerequisites: BUS310, MKT350.

MKT488 Marketing Inernship (3)

An on-site work experience which gives the student

practical training in specific business techniques

and their applications. Evaluation will be made by

the work supervisor and a member of the business

department faculty.

Prerequisites: junior or senior status

and permission of department chair.