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Biblical Studies



Short-term Programs.

Academic study trips

(both undergraduate and graduate level; 3 credits)

are offered during the summer months and

occasionally between regular semesters.

“The world is a great book, of which they who never stir from

home read only a page.”

- Augustine (AD 354-430)


for more information.

Course Offerings at IBEX

IBEX300 The Land & the Bible (4)

A regionally based geographic study of the land

of Israel

with an emphasis on the biblical period.

Attention is given to the inter-relationship of

geography and geology to history and the subsequent

development of civilization in the various regions.

Regions studied include Judea, Samaria, Dead Sea,

Jordan Rift, Galilee, Golan, Jezreel, Negev, and the

Coastal district. (Required of all semester IBEX


IBEX304 Historical Geography of the Bible (4)

An advanced seminar on historical aspects of biblical

geography. This course examines the historical

geography of the land of Israel with attention

to regional structure and the development of

communication lines. Emphasis is placed on historical

aspects of site location including discussions

of biblical and epigraphical documentation,

archaeological evidences, and toponymy.


IBEX300 and previous IBEX semester experience.

IBEX307 Regional Studies-Israel (3)

A field-based seminar focusing on historical,

geographical, cultural, and archeological aspects of

selected regions in the land of Israel, designed to

supplement those covered in IBEX300.


Rigorous hiking, ability to read Hebrew place names on

topographic maps, and extensive field work mandatory for

class participation. Limited Enrollment.

IBEX311 Biblical Hebrew (4)

An introduction to grammar, syntax, and vocabulary

of Biblical Hebrew. Attention is given to translation

and reading skills (IBEX311 parallels BL311,

Elementary Hebrew I, at TMC).

IBEX312 Modern Hebrew (3)

An introduction to modern Hebrew with attention

to reading and conversation skills.

IBEX320 Jewish Thought & Culture (3)

A study of Jewish thought, literature, and culture

from the ancient to modern period. Social, political,

cultural, philosophical, and theological developments

and contributions will be considered.

IBEX330 History of the Modern State of Israel


A thematic study of the major issues concerned

with Jewish self-determination and the establishment

of the State of Israel. Topics include the rise of

Zionism, the British Mandate, the Holocaust and

anti-Semitism, socio-political status of the Jewish

people in the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth

century, the 1948 war for independence, and the

subsequent Arab-Israel conflicts.

IBEX333 Biblical Archaeology (3)

This course introduces students to the methodological

principles, procedures, discoveries, and research

resources for understanding the archaeology and

material culture of Bile lands. Attention will be given

to how the findings of archaeology can clarify and

illustrate the meaning and historical background of

biblical texts. Students will have opportunities to visit

excavation sites for hands-on field world.

IBEX337 Geographical Area Studies (3)

A field-based seminar on selected sites of historical,

geographical, cultural, and archaeological interest in

the Mediterranean region and the Middle East proper.

IBEX340 Modern Israeli Society (3)

This course is a field-based introduction to the

variety of ethnic, political, and religious expression

in Modern Israel and the disputed territories (Judea/

Samaria/West Bank). Through lectures and multiple

field trip days the student gains first-hand exposure

to the diverse (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian) cultural

life of Israeli society.

IBEX347 The Holocaust (3)

A historical, philosophical, and thematic

examination of the Jewish Holocaust from anti-

Semitic developments in the nineteenth century to

implications for the Jewish people today.