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Biblical Studies



economic, cultural, and religious life, as well as

missionary endeavors. The student may select a

nation to study from the following areas: Africa,

Asia, South America, Europe, and Central America.

BMN300 Ministry Internship (1)

Supervised on-site instruction in the field of some

aspect of Church Ministry for a maximum of two

semesters (1 unit per semester). This course is graded:


BMN310 Message Preparation for Women (3)

Training for women in preparation, organization, and

delivery of personal testimonies, devotionals, and

women’s Bible studies. The course will aid female

students preparing for women’s ministry or youth

ministry. Each student will have opportunities to

speak before the class and receive evaluations by

the instructor and other students.

Prerequisite: For

women only.

BMN312 Training in Women’s Ministry (3)

This course provides basic training in how to develop

a women’s ministry in a local church. Topics include

the biblical foundation for such a ministry from Titus

2:3-5, qualifications and preparation of leaders (Titus

2:3 and 1 Timothy 3:11), how to lead a small group,

how to teach a Bible study, planning retreats and

other events, counseling, admonishing, discipleship,

and how to lead a working committee.


For women only.

BMN321 Women’s Issues (3)

An issue is defined as a controversy, matter of

dispute, or unsettled matter, that is an ongoing

action. This class will discuss topics having a

clear decisive relevance to issues facing women

today. It will examine values/beliefs, depression,

emotions, addictions, abuse, eating disorders, divorce,

communication, transitions, abortion, adoption,

disabilities, and Church counseling.

Prerequisite: For

women only.

BMN333 Worship & Songs of the Church (3)

Traces the thread of worship from early Hebrew

times to the present; explores the varied paradigms

of worship and reasons why we worship as we do.

Presents the historical development of psalms,

hymns, and spiritual songs and an introduction to

the history of Western music and art.

This will satisfy

the requirement for Bible majors for Introduction to Music

and Art MU190.

BMN352 Event Planning (3)

One of the most practical skills that can be utilized

in the church and in the community is organizing

gatherings where people can fellowship, learn,

and grow. Some of those gatherings include

general parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals, baby

showers, community outreach events, Bible studies,

conferences, and retreats. This course will offer

the biblical ideology and the basic skills training

required for successful event planning. Some topics

that will be covered are: worship, motive, character

qualities of a leader/organizer, proactivity, attention

to details, organizational methods, common sense,

humility, communication, delegation, overseeing

volunteers and paid staff, facilities knowledge, and

problem solving. In addition to interactive lecture,

this course will also include planning, organizing,

executing, and debriefing an assigned event. This

practical course should serve the student well in

life, whether the skills are used in secular arenas

or formal ministry and/or everything in between.

BMN360 Personal Discipleship (2, 3)

As disciples of Jesus Christ, students desire to be

growing spiritually for the rest of their lives. That

growth for all of us as believers takes place through

the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people

of God. In this course students will read biblically-

sound content on various topics written by many

different authors (both classic and contemporary),

and together we will ask God to teach us about

Himself and how to walk with Him and grow in

Him. Topics for study and discussion in this course

include the priority of worship of God, spiritual

disciplines, personal relationships with people in our

lives, what it means to be created female with its joys

and challenges, Christian ministry for women and

their commitment to the church, evangelism and

outreach, trials and adversity, stewardship of time and

stewardship of finances. Students will write responses

to the content they read and apply it to their own lives.

Prerequisite: For women only.

BMN370 Sermon Preparation & Delivery (3)

An investigation of the biblical idea of preaching

and instruction in the principles and practices