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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



BC362 Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)

This course is designed to help the student think

biblically about conflict and how to respond to life’s

conflicts in a way that glorifies the Lord (1 Cor 10:31).

In particular, the student will be taught a model and a

plan for how to think about struggles in relationships

and evaluate their own typical patterns of response.

These principles apply to business and the church,

but there will be a special focus on handling marriage


BC421, 422 Problems & Procedures I, II (3, 2)

These courses are designed to apply the biblical

principles taught in Methods of Biblical Change

(BC330) to a range of specific counseling problems.

Topics discussed include anger, fear, depression,

sexual deviancy, anxiety, eating disorders, decision

making, one’s past, self-concept, various syndromes,

ADHD, and crisis counseling. During the second

semester of this course, each student will be part

of a team that will develop and present to the class

a detailed biblical counseling outline for a teacher-

approved counseling problem.

Prerequisite: BC300,


BC431, 432 Counseling Practicum I, II (2, 2)

These courses are designed to consider the practical

application of the principles of biblical counseling

and the various methodological aspects of the

counseling process. These courses will include student

participation in counseling as counselors, counselees,

and observers. These activities will form the basis

of seminar discussions where counseling will be

analyzed from a biblical perspective. The goal of

these courses is to help the student learn, evaluate

and sharpen practical counseling skills.


BC300, BC330.

BC447 Counseling & Youth (2)

This course is designed to help the student to

understand the intense and frequent problems of

young people. A thoroughly biblical understanding

of young people and their problems, and a functional

approach to counseling youth will be presented.

BE100 Introduction to Psychology (3)

General introduction to the basic concepts of

psychology, with emphasis given to the various

theories of psychology along with a thorough biblical

analysis and critique.

BE301 Child & Adolescent Development (3)

Analysis of the physiological, cognitive, spiritual,

and personality development from birth through

childhood. There will also be a discussion of

parenting issues and a critique of the self-esteem

movement. A biblical assessment of anthropology

is presented.

BL301, 302 Elementary Greek I, II (4, 4)

Designed for beginners in Greek; includes a thorough

study of the pronunciation and acquisition of a

working vocabulary and exercises in translation from

Greek to English, as well as from English to Greek.

Translation of selected passages of the Greek New


BL311, 312 Elementary Hebrew I, II (4, 4)

A study of the grammar of the Hebrew language,

as well as the translation of selected passages of the

Old Testament.

BL325 Introduction to Biblical Languages (3)

An introduction to the fundamentals of biblical

languages with a particular emphasis upon their correct

usage in Bible study and ministry. This semester-long

course aims to develop competency interacting with

exegetical commentaries, as well as initial ability to

employ them inpersonal study through the aidof tools.

BL401, 402 Intermediate Greek I, II (3, 3)

The accidence and syntax of Koine Greek, together

with readings in the Greek New Testament and an

introduction to the methods of exegesis.

Available as

a D.S. Prerequisites: BL301, 302.

BL422 Greek Exegesis (3)

A thorough analytical study of a New Testament

book in the Greek text.

Prerequisite: BL401, 402.

BL461 Advanced Greek Grammar (3)

An intensive study of the syntax and literary features

of theGreekNewTestament.

Prerequisites: BL401, 402.

BL498 Language Area Study (3)

A concentrated area of study in language exegesis,

which may include a topic, a book, or a specialized