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Academic Programs Overview



educational program and an environment of

spiritual fellowship and relationships that emphasize

unreserved commitment to the worship of God,

submission to the authority of the Scriptures, a life of

personal holiness, the priority of the local church and

the mission of penetrating the world with the Truth.

The Master’s Seminary offers six degree programs:

• Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

• Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.)

• Diploma of Theology (Dip.Th.)

• Master of Theology (Th.M.)

• Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

• Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The Master’s Seminary is located on the campus of

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

Prospective applicants may request further

information by calling The Master’s Seminary Office

of Admissions at 1-800-CALL-TMS (1-800-225-

5867). Website:


The Master’s College cooperative study programs

providestudents with numerous opportunities for

off-campus learning experiences locally, nationally,

and internationally.

In addition to TMC’s own Israel Bible Extension

(IBEX), students benefit from the College’s

membership in the Council for Christian Colleges

and Universities, which provides for off-campus

learning opportunities. For information on Council-

sponsored programs, write or call:

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

321 Eighth Street N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20002

(202) 546-8713 • (202) 546-8913 fax



American Studies Program (ASP)

Founded in 1976, the American Studies Program

has served hundreds of students as a “Washington,

D.C. campus.” ASP uses Washington as a stimulating

educational laboratory where collegians gain hands-

on experience with an internship in their chosen

field. Participants explore pressing national and

international issues in public policy seminars led

by ASP faculty and Washington professionals.

Students select enrollment in one of three tracks:

Public Policy, Strategic Communication, or Global

Development. All three tracks examine the same

public issues and culminate in field projects

assessing those issues in light of biblical principles

and Christian responsibility. Students in the Public

Policy Track investigate a pressing public policy

issue being debated on Capitol Hill and focus on

the political difficulties policymakers face when

economic, humantarian, and national security

priorities come into conflict with one another.

Students in the Strategic Communication Track

engage Washington, D.C.-based organizations and

communication professionals to explore the role of

strategic communication in achieving organizational

goals. Students in the Global Development Track

gain professional experience aimed at learning what

it takes to form and lead institutional partnerships in

cross-cultural contexts. As a member of the GDE

team, the student works on a real-world project under

the direction of a real-world client. The aim of ASP

is to help Council schools prepare their students to

live faithfully in contemporary society as followers

of Christ. Students earn 16 semester hours of


This program is sponsored by The Master’s College

& Seminary.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Students at The Master’s College are eligible to

take courses in environmental field studies through

the Au Sable Institute. This Christian organization

offers college-level courses at campuses in Michigan

(Great Lakes); Whidbey Island in Puget Sound,

Washington; Tamil Nadu, South India; and Vara

Blanca, Costa Rica. The four-unit course offerings

include Agriculture and Missions, Plant Ecology and

Aquatic Biology, among others. The students register

at The Master’s College for LS348 Biological Field

Studies and take the course at the respective campus.

The Institute also offers a Stewardship Ecologist

Certificate, Naturalist Certificate, Land Resources

Analyst Certificate, Water Resources Analyst

Certificate, and Environmental Analyst Certificate.

Several fellowships and scholarships are available

through the Institute. Contact Dr. Dennis Englin,

the Au Sable campus representative, about current

offerings and registration procedures. Students earn

4 semester hours of credit.

This program is sponsored

by The Master’s College & Seminary.

Australia Studies Centre (ASC)

The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is offered in

partnership with Christian Heritage College (CHC),

a CCCU affiliate member in Carindale, a suburb

of Brisbane, Queensland. The ASC is designed to

integrate the firsthand observation and study of

Australian culture, history, religion, politics and

Indigenous cultures together with experiential service