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Academic Information



other educational institutions attended, and honors


In addition, under the provisions of the above-named

act, every student has the right to:

• Inspect and review his/her educational


• Request changes to items in his/her records

that are not accurate.

• Obtain a copy of the College’s policy

related to FERPA.

Questions about the application of these policies may

be directed to the Office of the Registrar.


The Master’s College has an institutional commitment

to try to provide equal educational opportunities for

qualified students with disabilities in accordance with

applicable state and federal laws and regulations,

including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

(as amended) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation

Act of 1973. To ensure equality of access for students

with disabilities, academic and/or non-academic

accommodations and auxiliary aids shall be provided

to the extent required to comply with the state and

federal laws and regulations. For each student,

academic and/or non-academic accommodation

and auxiliary aids shall specifically address those

functional limitations of the disability that adversely

affect equal educational opportunity. The Master’s

College and Seminary has established the Office of

Disability Services (ODS) to coordinate compliance

with the various regulations and sovereign scriptural

issues and to assist qualified students with disabilities.

Students wanting to inquire of such services should

contact the Students with Disabilities Services (SDS)

at (661) 362-2269, or alternatively by FAX (661)