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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog





The Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music and

Bachelor of Science degrees are granted subject to

the following:

1. Minimum of 122 semester units of credit.

Cannot exceed 150% of the minimum credits

for the enrolled program (i.e. Min 122 credits x

150% = 183 credits).

2. Minimum of 40 semester units in upper

division courses.

3. Minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all work

attempted at TMC and in the major.

4. Minimum of 32 semester units of Fall/

Spring semester traditional program (non-DS)

coursework, or 32 semester units of TMC DCP

major program courses.

5. Complete at least 12 of the final 24 semester

units at The Master’s College.

6. Completion of the curriculum as given for the

chosen major field of study.

7. All students must complete at least 21 semester

units of general education requirements in Bible.

Part-time students (taking fewer than 12 semester

units) are not required to take a Bible course.

However, a student taking several semesters

of part-time coursework must complete one

general education Bible course for every 15

semester units taken at The Master’s College.

8. A student will be allowed to participate in

commencement exercises only if he or she

has completed, or is in progress to complete,

all academic requirements by the time of

commencement ceremonies. A student may have

no more than one Directed Studies course still in

progress during the third week of March to be

eligible to participate in the May commencement


General Policies and





An accepted high school graduate who

has enrolled in the College.



A student with at least 30 semester

units and a 2.00 GPA.



A student with at least 60 semester units

and a 2.00 GPA.



A student with at least 90 semester units

and a 2.00 GPA. There must be reasonable assurance

of the fulfillment of all requirements for graduation

within the academic year. A student must begin

the graduation contract process in the Office of

the Registrar prior to the beginning of the second

semester of the senior year.

Full-Time Student


One who is carrying a

minimum load of 12 semester units. Only full-time

students not on academic probation may be elected

to student association offices, serve on student

publications, or compete on intercollegiate athletic


Non-Matriculating Student


One who has not

formally declared a degree objective and is carrying

six or fewer semester units.

Advanced Start Academic Program (ASAP).

The Master’s College Advanced Start Academic

Program (ASAP) enables high school students who

are juniors or seniors to take accredited, college-level

Bible and general education courses that can meet

both high school graduation requirements and be

counted toward an undergraduate degree at The

Master’s College.

Students enrolling in ASAP will be allowed to register

in select undergraduate classes taught at The Master’s

College campus. ASAP students are able to take up

to six units per semester and will be expected to meet

the same requirements as other students in the class.

In order to qualify for ASAP, a student must have a

minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 and

must meet the minimum test scores of: