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Depending on the student’s declared major, certain G.E. requirements allow for presecribed substitutions.

A complete listing appears below.



Old Testament Survey II (for ALL majors) IBEX367 History of Ancient Israel New Testament Survey I (for ALL majors) IBEX377 Life of Christ Essentials of Music & Art (

for Biblical Studies majors)

MU333 Worship & Songs of the Church

Essentials of Music & Art (for Music majors)

MU295 Music & Art for Musicians Essentials of World History I & II

(ALL majors)

Pass WH Competency Exam & 3 units

of Upper Division History

Essentials of Philosophy (

for LS Teacher Ed. majors)

P321 Philosophies of Education

Essentials of Philosophy (for Music Ed. majors)

P321 Philosophies of Education

Essentials of Philosophy (for Audio Tech. majors)

BCW364 Ethics

Essentials of Philosophy (for KPE majors)

KPE303 History & Philosophy of P.E.

Essentials of Philosophy (for Bus. Admin. majors)

BUS330 Business Ethics

Essentials of Philosophy (for Biblical Studies majors)

BCW363 Apologetics

Note: some Biblical Studies emphases require Apologetics; other Biblical Studies emphases allow for a substitution option.

Spoken Communication (

for Biblical Studies majors)

BMN310 Message Prep for Women

Spoken Communication (for Biblical Studies majors)

BMN370 Sermon Prep

Spoken Communication (for Business Admin. majors)

MGT330 Business Communications Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis (

for Bus. Admin. majors)

BUS310 Statistics for Business

Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis (for CIS majors)

Waived per former TMC catalog

Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis (for LS Teacher Ed. majors)

MA201 and MA202 Mathematical Systems

Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis (for KPE majors)

KPE405 Statistical Analysis

Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis (ALL majors)

MA101 Algebra & Trigonometry,


MA121 Calculus I,


MA262 Statistics Essentials of Biology

(for Bio. & Phys. Science majors)

LS151 & 151L Organismic Biology

Essentials of Biology (for KPE majors)

LS321 & 321L Anatomy




U.S. Government

Waived for non-U.S. citizens and non-

resident aliens

Note: U.S. Citizens (regardless of current country of residence) and resident aliens are NOT exempt from the U.S.

Government (POL220) requirement.

Oxford, AMBEX, CCCU co-op programs, etc. that fulfill a Worldview/Skills Set course preserve their

substitutions as outlined in previous TMC catalogs or articulation agreements.