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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



B.A., Christian Heritage College; M.A., Institute of

Holy Land Studies. Joined TMC 1995.

Scott, Stuart W.

Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling

B.A., Columbia International University; M.Div.,

Grace Theological Seminary; D.Min., Covenant

Theological Seminary. Joined TMC 1994; rejoined

TMC 2015.

Shackleford, Lauren

Professor of Music Theory and Piano Pedagogy

B.M., Cedarville University; M.M., University of

Oklahoma. Joined TMC in 2007.

Simons, Carolyn

Professor of Music

B.M., M.M., Baylor University; Ph.D., The University

of Iowa. Joined TMC 1999.

Stead, John

Professor of History & Political Studies

B.A., M.A., California State University, Los Angeles;

Ph.D., University of Southern California.

Joined TMC 1970.

Street, John

Professor of Biblical Counseling

B.A., Cedarville College; M.Div., Grand Rapids

Baptist Seminary; D.Min., Westminster Theological

Seminary. Joined TMC 1999.

Suzuki, Jo

Associate Professor of English

B.A., Citadel Bible College; M.Div., Talbot Theological

Seminary; Ph.D. (in progress), The University of

Texas at Arlington. Joined TMC 1998.

Varner, William

Professor of Bible and Greek, Director of IBEX

B.A., Bob Jones University; M.Div., Th.M., Biblical

Theological Seminary; M.A., Dropsie College; Ed.D.,

Temple University; Studies in Modern Hebrew at

Gratz College. Joined TMC 1996.

Wong, Daniel

Professor of Biblical Studies

B.S., Swatow University; M.Div., Th.M., Talbot

School of Theology; Ph.D., Dallas Theological

Seminary. Joined TMC 2000.

Wright, Nathan

Professor of Kinesiology & Physical Education

B.A., Los Angeles Baptist College; M.A., California

State University, Northridge. Joined TMC 1974.



Stead, John

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Costanzo, Dianna

Academic Counselor

Gilmore, Donald


Jensen, Jeffrey

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Stone, John

Director of Library Services

Tillman, Janet

Reference Librarian


Waldeck, Steve

Athletic Director

Brooks, Monte

Assistant Athletic Director

Head Coach, Men’s Baseball

Larsen, David

Head Athletic Trainer

Lewis, Curtis

Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Rickard, Jim

Associate Athletic Director

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Schroeder, Zach

Men & Women’s Cross Country and Track