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Page Background

Program-Level Learning Outcomes



life-long fitness activities, physical training,

competitive sports, and nutritional factors.


1. Demonstrate a mastery of the basic skills

associated with required sports/activity areas.

2. Effectively teach the basic physical skills, rules,

and strategies of traditional sports/activity


Pre-Physical Therapy

1. Recognize and evaluate both acute and chronic

athletic injuries.

2. Implement treatment, rehabilitation, and

reconditioning programs for athletic injuries.

Liberal Studies

1. Increase proficiency in the different subjects

taught in the K-8 curriculum.

2. Under s t and the founda tions of and

connections between disciplines.

3. Make explicit connections between current

courses in the major and K-8 classrooms.

4. Discover and develop unique God-given


5. Build an understanding of students in K-8

classrooms in California.

6. Learn ways to examine and test ideas and

to reflect on teaching practices in order to

become a life-long learner.

Mathematics Core

1. Effectively prepare and give oral presentations

from research literature in mathematics.

2. Demonstrate mastery of Calculus.

3. Demonstrate mastery of Elementary Linear


4. Demonstrate master y of Elementar y

Differential Equations.

Applied Mathematics

1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of

probability theory.

2. Use probability and statistical inferences to

draw conclusions.

3. Demonstrate a basic working knowledge of

the concepts of numerical analysis through

the use of computers.


structures in the development of American

political institutions.

Constitutional Law

1. Describe the evolution of judicial supremacy

in the United States.

2. Trace the influence of the Bill of Rights on

federalism in America.

3. Develop effective case briefs for selected

constitutionally related political issues.

Political Theory

1. Trace the major events, individuals, and

theories in the development of American

political thought.

2. Analyze the major political philosophical works

to identify the major theoretical principles

being presented and identify applications of

the principles within practical situations.

Kinesiology & Physical Education Core

1. Identify and describe the significant events and

individuals associated with the development

of physical education from ancient times to

the present.

2. Perform a kinesiological evaluation of skilled

and unskilled physical movement activities.

3. Perform a physiological evaluation of skilled

and unskilled physical movement activities.

4. Demonstrate a basic working knowledge of

the significant psychological and sociological

sport-related issues and their societal effects.

5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the

basic statistical tools necessary to conduct

physiological, psychomotor, and cognitive

evaluations and sociological analyses.

6. Design, implement, analyze, and manage

an effective physical education program in

teaching, administrative, and coaching settings.

7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the care

and treatment of athletic injuries and of safety

factors in the prevention of injuries.

8. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the

physical development levels from infancy to

adulthood and the implications in regard to

physical education.

9. Demonstrate an in-depth working knowledge

of conditioning components as related to