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The Master’s College 2015-2016 Catalog



d. Install, configure, and use a standard

DBMS (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server,

Oracle, DB2, etc.).

6. Show an overall grasp of the field of Computer

Science by being able to:

a. Integrate topics and subjects within the field.

b. Interpret and use current academic research.

c. Speak and write effectively about ethical and

moral issues related to the field.

English Core

1. Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of genres,

historical periods, styles, and modes.

2. Write clear, effective, researched, and

imaginative projects and articulate themwithin

appropriate conceptual and methodological


3. Demonstrate an understanding of the historical

development of the English language and of

literature written in English from Old English

to the present.

4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the

content and historical context of British and

American literary works, as well as selected

authors and works from World literature.

5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of various

theoretical approaches that inform the

interpretation of literature and culture.

Family and Consumer Sciences Core

1. Apply modern scientific methods and

resources to evaluate issues and enhance

quality of life through the development of

a knowledge and skill base in nutrition, food

science and preparation, clothing construction,

and interior or clothing design principle


2. Select and apply recognized methods in the

field and one or more academic disciplines to

identify the needs of individuals and families.

3. Incorporate multiple information resources in

projects relating to Nutrition, Interior Design,

Clothing, Textiles, and Financial Management.

4. Generate effective individual and collaborative

multimedia presentations addressing the

challenges faced by 21st century individuals

and families in a social and global context.

5. Construct a summative project for the

synthesis of biblical principles and the Family

& Consumer Science discipline.

History Core

1. Describe essential developments of U.S.

History, answering “who, what, when, where,

why, and how” questions relating to these

important events and trends.

2. Describe essential developments in World

History, answering “who, what, when, where,

why, and how” questions relating to these

important events and trends.

3. Describe different philosophies of history.

4. Articulate a biblical philosophy of history.

5. Demonstrate the ability to conduct research


a. traditional primary source materials,

b. traditional secondary source materials, and

c. current technological resources and

techniques, and then structure lucid, logical,

and reasonable historical arguments from

those documents.

Political Studies Core

1. Describe the philosophies of the major

political philosophers of Western civilization.

2. Articulate a biblical political philosophy and

apply it to contemporary issues.

3. Trace the major events and individuals in the

development of the U.S. Constitution and

the history of key cases in its application to

American jurisprudence.

4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the key

works and theories that have shaped American


5. Conduct effective undergraduate-level research

using primary and secondary sources and

technological resources relating to political


American Politics

1. Describe the specific areas of interrelationship

between the branches of the national


2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the

major processes of the American political

system (e.g., legislative, representation, elective,

executive action, political communication).

3. Trace the major events, individuals, and