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Introducing The Master’s College



History of The Master’s


From a commitment that began more than eighty

years ago to educate tomorrow’s Christian leaders,

The Master’s College continues to train those who

desire to serve in the pulpit or on the mission field

as well as those who desire to make a difference for

Christ’s sake in commerce, industry, sciences and

the arts.

The school began on May 25, 1927, as Los Angeles

Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1946, the Seminary

became a graduate-level school and initiated a

separate undergraduate liberal arts program. In May

1961, the school moved from its original location

in downtown Los Angeles to the Placerita Canyon

area of Newhall, California. The Seminary program

separated from the undergraduate program in 1974

and relocated to Tacoma, Washington. Los Angeles

Baptist College (LABC) received its initial regional

accreditation from the WASC Senior College and

Univeristy Commission (WSCUC) in the spring of

1975. Early in 1985, Dr. John R. Dunkin stepped

down as president after 25 years of leadership at the


In May of that year, Dr. John F. MacArthur was

appointed as his successor. At that time the name

of the school was changed from Los Angeles

Baptist College to The Master’s College (TMC).

With Dr. MacArthur’s international reputation in

the evangelical Christian community, and because of

increased publicity for the College through his daily

radio ministry, TMC quickly grew from a student

enrollment of 305 in fall 1984 to 863 students in fall

1989. Fall 2010 was another landmark year for TMC,

presenting the largest incoming class in the history

of the College.

The College currently offers a wide range of

traditional undergraduate degree programs in 13

fields of study encompassing more than 60 distinct

emphasis areas, three degree-completion programs

that are specifically geared toward the needs of adult

learners, and three online undergraduate degrees (


in Biblical Studies pending approval fromWSCUC

). Also at

the undergraduate level, The Master’s Institute Award

of Achievement program is available for students

desiring one year of intensive study in the Bible.

At the graduate level, the college offers a fifth-

year California Single Subject and Multiple Subject

credential program, Master of Arts in Biblical

Counseling (MABC) and Biblical Studies (MABS),

and a Master of Business Administration (MBA,

online program;

pending approval by WSCUC


Under the continued leadership of Dr. MacArthur,

the goal of the College is to bring students to

spiritual maturity and academic excellence through

the collegiate learning process.

“At The Master’s College and Seminary,

we focus on the Word of God. In the

gospels, we see the Master educating

His disciples before He sent them

out. His methods have become our

model for today.” -Dr. MacArthur