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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies



BTS556 World Religions (2)

A study of major non-Christian religious systems

in the world. The claims of each will be compared

with the absolute truth and adequacy of biblical faith.

BTS557 Religions of America (2)

A study of the most prominent modern religions

native to America, with particular reference to their

historical backgrounds and doctrinal positions.

BTS599 Thesis (4)

This is a guided independent research paper. The

special problem or area of investigation must be

precisely stated in written form and pursued under

faculty supervision and must be approved by the

chairman of the Biblical Studies Department. A

fully documented research thesis of 100-120 pages

in length is required for this course.

IBEX570 Physical Geography of Israel (2)

An examination of the physical geography of the

land of Israel with attention to regional structure,

geology, and topography with a view to the develop-

ment of communication lines and settlement.

IBEX598 Cultures & Religions of the Middle

East (2)

A field-based exploration of the cultural, religious,

and ethnic diversity of the land of Israel. Special at-

tention is given to religious and cultural distinctives

of the major ethnic communities and monotheistic

religions of the region.