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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies



BTS511 Creation and Covenant (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the biblical-theolog-

ical study of the Pentateuch. Emphasis will be given

to the foundational themes of creation and covenant

as essential to biblical theology; the exploration of

critical issues of authorship and composition; the

discussion of interpretive options for crucial pas-

sages; and the formative influence of creation on the

current public debate on origins and age of the earth.

BTS512 History of the Covenant People (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the history of

Israel from the period of the patriarchs through the

Babylonian exile. Emphasis will be given to placing

the history of Israel against the backdrop of the

ancient Near East, from the perspective that God

used the nations surrounding Israel to accomplish

His purposes for her and orchestrated world history

around her. Further attention will be given to the

historical method and historiography concerning

ancient Israel. The current public debate on the

status and legitimacy of modern Israel will also be


BTS513 Prophecy and Prophets in Context (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the Old Testament

prophetical literature with attention given to

historical backgrounds and context; internal message;

theological themes; and issues of criticism.

BTS515 Worship and Wisdom (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the worship and

wisdom literature of the Old Testament and its

application to the contemporary church and the

sanctification of every believer. Issues like the

problem of pain, the value of worship, and why do

the wicked prosper will all be addressed. The student

will learn to seek answers to life in the true worship

of God and in the wisdom of God provided in

these books.

BTS521 Historical Background of the New

Testament (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the history, literature,

and culture of the Inter-testamental period through

the first century A.D.

BTS522 Life, Ministry, &Theology of Christ (2)

A graduate study of the earthly life and ministry of

Jesus Christ, including His role as Messiah and as

Son of God. Special attention will be given to the

Jewish historical and cultural background of His

life, to the implications of His true humanity, and to

the modern alternative theories about the facts and

meaning of His life.

BTS523 Life, Ministry, and Theology of Paul (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the writings of Paul.

Attention is given to historical and cultural settings,

messages, theological themes, and analysis of selected


BTS524 Theology of General Epistles &

Revelation (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the theology of

General Epistles and the Revelation. Emphasis will

be placed on critical issues relating to authorship, ac-

ceptance into the canon, historical settings, messages,

theological themes, and interpretive problems. Spe-

cial emphasis will be placed on the high priesthood

of Jesus Christ as in Hebrews and the eschatology

of 2 Peter 3 and the Book of Revelation.

BTS571 Contemporary Issues in Theology (2)

A culmination seminar that seeks to integrate biblical

studies with Christian faith and ministry. Students

will use an evangelical theological method to address

contemporary trends and emphases in theology

confronting the contemporary Christian church:

Students will be exposed to a wide diversity of theo-

logical literature and perspectives within and beyond

the evangelical spectrum.

BTS572 Seminar in Applied Biblical Studies (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the application of

biblical studies to the life of the believer. Attention

will be given to the priority of Christlikeness, the

process by which this occurs in the life of the believer,

and the role of discipling towards this objective.  The

uniqueness of the biblical process of change will be


BTS531 Practicum in Biblical Leadership (2)

A faculty-directed independent study focusing on

a biblical theology and philosophy of leadership.

Attention will be given to examples of leaders in the

Bible and an examination of the concept of spiritual

leadership. The student will be expected to articulate

a philosophy of leadership and provide evidence of