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Page Background

Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling



Graduate Programs



The Master’s College offers Master of Arts gradu-

ate programs in Biblical Counseling and Biblical


Graduation Requirements

1. A student must complete his or her M.A.

with a minimum 3.0 CUM GPA with no let-

ter grade less than a C.

2. For credit hour requirements, refer to each

M.A. degree’s program information in the

pages that follow.

Graduate Academic Probation Policy

Any graduate student whose cumulative grade point

average (GPA) falls below 3.0 or who receives a let-

ter grade of C or lower in any class will be placed

on academic probation for one semester. They must

earn a B- or better in all their classes and a minimum

GPA of 3.0 at the end of the first semester to be

removed from probation.

Any graduate student whose cumulative GPA re-

mains below 3.0 or receives any grades lower than a

B- in classes for two consecutive semesters will be

subject to academic disqualification and dismissal

from the College. A student subject to disqualifica-

tion may appeal by submitting a letter to the Vice

President of Academic Affairs stating why he/she

should not be disqualified. The student’s request will

then be reviewed by the Academic Affairs Council

for final decision.

Academic Dishonesty

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to pur-

sue suspected incidents of academic dishonesty oc-

curring within his/her courses. If a student is found

to be guilty of cheating, plagiarism or another form

of academic dishonesty, the faculty member is re-

quired to document the incident in writing and sub-

mit the report to the Vice President of Academic

Affairs. The first documented incident of academic

dishonesty will result in the student failing the as-

signment or the course at the instructor’s discretion

depending on the severity of the incident. Any sub-

sequent documented offense of academic dishon-

esty by that student (regardless of whether it occurs

in the same or any other course taken by the student

at the College) will result in automatic failure of the

course and expulsion of the student from the Col-

lege for a minimum of one academic year.

Appeals of Academic Dismissal

A student subject to academic dismissal because of

a low cumulative GPA or because of academic dis-

honesty may appeal by submitting a letter to the Vice

President of Academic Affairs within two weeks of

being notified of dismissal, along with an explana-

tion of why the student believes the dismissal was

unfair. The student’s request will be reviewed by

the Academic Affairs Council with input from the

student’s advisor, faculty who have had the student

in recent classes, and the academic counselor. The

council will make a decision on the appeal, which

will be communicated in writing to the student by

the Vice President of Academic Affairs.