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Teacher Education- Credential Program



Teacher Education - Credential Program

Mrs. Jordan J. Morton, Chairperson

The purpose of The Master’s College Teaching

Credential Program is to enable students to become

excellent teachers who integrate faith into teaching,

learning and living.

TMC has a California approved program leading to

either Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject

Teaching Credentials. In California, a person desiring

to teach has two areas of preparation. The first area is

subject matter preparation. This involves obtaining a

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from

a regionally-accredited institution, meeting specific

pre-requisite education requirements, and passing a

subject matter test. The second area is professional

preparation. In order to receive a credential,

students must complete a credential program that is

approved by the California Commission on Teacher

Credentialing (CTC). This professional preparation

program consists of courses that are designed to help

teachers teach subject(s) authorized by the credential,

and to teach students with special needs and English

learners in the regular classroom setting. This

program usually takes two semesters and includes

student teaching.


The following is required for a student to be

considered for admission to the TMC Teaching

Credential Program:

1. Bachelor’s degree from regionally accredited

college or university

2. Pre-requisite coursework (or its equivalent as

determined by department chair):

• POL220 U.S. Government or other U.S.

Constitution course/exam (C- or better)

• ED400 Foundations of Education (B-

or better)

• ED410 Technology Uses in Education

(B- or better)

• ED420 Principles of Secondar y

Education (Single Subject only, B- or


• E322 Children’s Literature (Multiple

Subject only, C- or better)

3. Fulfillment of Basic Skills Requirement

(CBEST) and Subject Matter Competency


4. Evidence of clear Christian testimony and

agreement with TMC doctrinal statement

5. Ability to pass background check and

tuberculosis screening

6. Satisfactory admissions panel interview

7. Teaching or other experience working with

K-12 students (strongly recommended)

All students must complete an application to the

Teaching Credential Program even if they are a

continuing student at TMC. The application includes

a $35 application fee. The student must submit a

completed application packet by Friday, February 14,

2016 (late application deadline, with $20 fee: March

18, 2016) in order to be eligible for an interview with

a Teaching Credential Program Admissions Panel.

A completed application consists of the following:

1. Completed application (with essays)

2. Three satisfactory recommendations: one

academic, one from a teaching supervisor,

and one from a pastor or student life leader

3. Official transcript showing:

• Posted Bachelor’s Degree (degree must

be posted before August 1, 2016)

• Completed Prerequisite Courses

(Courses may be in progress, but must

be completed before August 1, 2016)

4. Verification of fulfillment of Basic Skills

Requirement (usually fulfilled by a passing

score on the CBEST - California Basic

Educational Skills Test)

5. Verification of Subject Matter Competency

(usually fulfilled by passing scores on the

CSETS - California Subject Examination

for Teachers

6. Fingerprint clearance by CTC Certificate of


7. Negative Tuberculosis Test report

Candidates may be admitted to the Teaching

Credential Program on probation or with provisions.

NOTICE: It is important to check with the Credential

Analyst for updates regarding any modifications and/or

additions to the stated list of courses and requirements.

Periodically, the State of California mandates changes in

program structure and content, which the College is required

to implement.